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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Lot: oh the suspense

It has been 12 long days of negotiations with the seller of the land that we are still hoping to make ours.

In my last post, almost 2 weeks ago, we had just submitted an official offer with a deadline of 8pm on Sunday the 11th. When Sunday came, the seller requested an extension to the following day at 6pm, which we granted.

On Monday night a heavily negotiated counter offer came through our inbox. We reviewed the seller's proposal, further negotiated each point, and returned a revision to him Tuesday morning with a request for an answer by close of business that evening.

Later that afternoon the seller requested a two day extension to August 16th at 8 pm. We agreed.

On Friday we waited anxiously to learn what the seller had in mind. Was he going to accept our offer, was he going to make another counter? 

In short, the seller missed his own deadline and we have not heard a word from him since. 

Our realtor has been in touch with his realtor who for reasons unknown has not been able to make contact with the seller to know more about the hold up. I am thinking this is probably not a good sign, but our fingers are crossed that there may be a twinkle of hope for us yet.

We are aware that the seller is not happy with the down payment we offered, although he is agreeable to every other item specified in the contract.  We are holding tight until we get a solid response yes or no, before we either offer up more money or move on to the next parcel. 

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