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She pays attention to and nurtures whatever it is she really cares about, letting go of the rest (for now) knowing she can't do and be everything all at once. She embraces her imperfections in favor of "good enough"—her imperfect self, her imperfect home, her imperfect mothering, her imperfect desires—and she never stops evolving as a woman and mother. She is a BoldHeart, authentic and true to herself.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Good Feeling

Like many of you, we're feeling all warm and fuzzy about life and love and family this month.

For one, Merritt turned nine months and Roscoe turned two and a half on the 18th and 19th. Merritt recently started crawling and pulls up now to stand. Roscoe has been testing limits and surprising us daily with the way that he strings together his thoughts, and his incredible vocabulary and imagination.

We closed on our old house today. We are very, very happily no longer home owners!  We relocated to the capital of Virginia two weekends ago, and the last 25% of our stuff has yet to be unpacked and organized. Despite the fact that the kitchen—what I would consider the engine and workhouse of our home—is currently held hostage by miscellaneous gadgets and servingware without space enough to be given a home, the (more important) stockings are hung along with the rest of our Christmas cheer.

I've fallen in love with our little place and pretty much everything around us. I go on walks every day with the kids and remain fascinated by the grand architecture and idyllic nature of this small city. The people are charming, the community is authentic, and I am a huge fan. Of course, we were familiar with this area before now—both Andy and I have degrees from the local university—when we lived here for seven years and bought our very first home across the river in 2003. Living here again, and looking at all that the area offers from the perspective of a parent and as an adult, all I can say is that Richmond is a true gem and I'm so thankful we get to call it home.

Speaking of which, it is weird to me how quickly this house and this neighborhood felt like home once our furniture was placed.  It's like we never skipped a beat.  It's also unreal how drastically our daily life has changed for the better.

I'm thankful for early morning walks to Black Hand for a new favorite the Dirty Chai (a chai latte with two shots of espresso) and breakfast sandwiches

I'm appreciative and grateful to have nearby a year 'round farmer's market where, on our first Saturday, we met farmers offering raw milk cow shares (we're signing up!), a berry CSA (this too!), local seafood and pasta vendors, not to mention some pre-tty ahmazing sourdough doughnuts.

We're thankful for a wildly fun and equally popular neighborhood playground just around the block that has served well to burn off energy before (and after) dinner on many a night.

On Saturday I walked (an unheard of luxury in our old county) to Carytown, with Merritt in the ErgoBaby, to shop for Christmas and to pick out some treats for our advent calendar. New neighbors, with equally cumbersome double strollers and volatile two year olds, have welcomed us warmly and our ability to get around town on foot has alleviated any lingering post-Northern Virginia sense of disconnection or isolation.

The boys' new nanny starts tomorrow, marking the end of a long and twisted search for good help. I'm relieved that I'll be able to work in peace and hope that she'll stay with us for the remaining 6 months of my position.

And then there's the cupcakery down the street. No really, I think they rival Georgetown's.

This week holds more of the same unpacking, ongoing Christmas decorating, and city exploring.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!  What are you most thankful for this season?


  1. That Banana Foster cupcake is calling my name......:) Well J, it seems like the Sears family has hit life's jackpot with the winnings being a superb, dynamic place to call Home! WOW on everything especially your access to all those local foods...which I KNOW YOU LOOOOOVE!!! YAY! If I had to read your fortune I would sense a VERY creative year ahead for you as you put your home in order and further plant roots in your new community. Of course, wishing we were closer to capture some of this goodness but I am still thankful for everyday blessings and life as it is. As fate has it, I have a lovely new friend with a daughter Lillian's age who was looking for someone just like me to timeshare every M-F and swap chores in home while our daughters play. Also an attachement parent mama (who still nurses her 2+ year old!) I look forward to swaping ideas with her and creating that sense of village I long for. Miss you and the family. Many blessings to you this Holiday season and always. I have a feeling the countdown to Christmas at the Sears is going to be AWESOME ;)

  2. Ugh I am trying to still feel thankful for my awesome neighborhood, similar to yours, except can't enjoy it for the next 4 months because it's COLD and SNOWY in MN. =(. Ha actually we have no snow yet, but it's still in the 30's.

    But, I am still very thankful to be a stay at home mom, even if it's not quite as fun during the winter!

  3. Thank you Heidi! I cannot wait to hear more about your new arrangement. I am so happy for you! You have been wanting this for a long time. Hugs!

    Frugalveganmom: Boo. It's been sooo warm here. Weird. Nice, but weird. It's practically the mid to upper 70's? I know the cold is the worst though, especially when it forces us inside. ew. Not looking forward to the 30's at all. I love following you and It's nice to hear that you love being home with your girl. The Holidays will breeze by and spring will be here before too long :)


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