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Friday, June 17, 2011

Diapering x2

We've been cloth diapering since Roscoe was two months old. Initially, we bought twelve Bum Genius one size AIOs and once we got the hang of it we added twelve more. It's been a relatively low maintenance investment, and the diapers are still in great condition. Only recently did Roscoe outgrow them. Yep, he wore the same 24 diapers for almost two years.

Abby's Lane opened a brick and mortar store nearby (it's awesome if you are local), and we went to the grand opening a few weekends ago. It made for a very pleasant Saturday afternoon because the farmer's market was in full swing, we ate lunch next door at a self proclaimed "breastfeeding friendly" restaurant , and we found a tot lot around the corner. Roscoe got to watch the trains coming and going from the VRE station, and we ordered extra thick strawberry milkshakes for the road. But, I digress.

I've never had the opportunity to shop for cloth diapers in person, but whew! It's so much better than shopping online. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of cloth diapering options and permutations available. Even with everything laid out in front of me, and sound advice from well versed staff, I still spent almost two hours just browsing.

As it turns out, at Roscoe's age and with his sturdy build, he's really too big for most AIOs. Our options are limited to Bum Genius size extra large (pros: we know and love the brand, they come with one insert; cons: they cost 17.95 each, are available in white only, and have snap closures) or Happy Heinys size extra large (pros: they cost 15.95 and have velcro tab closures; cons: inserts are not included, and they are available in a variety of "off" colors). In the end, our decision to purchase Happy Heinys was based on the fact that we favor velcro over snaps.

With every intention to wash diapers every other day we bought twelve Happy Heinys in a variety of colors that Roscoe chose himself, and 12 BabyKicks inserts at 4.99 each (to be paired with the infant inserts from our original twenty four BGs). I've been really happy with their performance so far. We use disposables overnight and at nap time.

Armed with new information we also switched from Planet detergent to Tide ultra which elevates tremendously the chore of cloth diaper washing. Planet detergent did the job okay, but Tide just smells so good and, frankly, seems to do a better job.

As Roscoe grew up and out of his bum genius diapers, Merritt grew right into them. By the time I had the energy to even consider swaddling Merritt's bum in cloth, he had all but outgrown the entire newborn stash that I had assembled prior to his arrival. That was a disappointing realization, but the BGs on the smallest setting with the one size inserts fit him well. I do still struggle with the bulk of the BGs on such a small frame, but that's the way it goes, I guess, with diapers designed to fit babies 7 to 35 pounds. (As a side note, I really loved the fit of the BG size extra small AIOs, which he did get to wear quite a bit for at least a few weeks before they became too snug.)

This last one reminds of me of a similar picture of Roscoe, two months younger.


  1. I have been browsing online but have been waiting to order clothes diapers for Colton because I wanted him to get a bit bigger so that they would be so bulky; do you suggest 2 months as a good starting age? Since you are using both & we are just starting out would you suggest BG or the HH?

  2. I love velcro closure but alas Madame has found the joy of velcro and no velcro in our house is safe including her cloth diapers. I have started to buy snaps as I increase our stash. I have been really happy with BG Flip as far as bulk and as the insert lays inside the cover it is easier to stuff.

  3. I swear I cannot tell Roscoe and Merritt apart in just pictures when they are the same age! lol I thought that last picture WAS Roscoe! Anyway, I need to come see my nephews ASAP at this realization! <3

  4. Oh man Met looks like he is breakdancing! Adorable!

  5. Mitzi: The one size BGs are just bulky--even though they are advertised for 7-35 pounds we started both kids in the diapers when they were about 10 pounds because they didn't fit well before then. If you're looking for a more slim lined version you could go with the sized diapers which run xs to xl. I don't have enough experience yet with HHs to recommend them for new babies, even though I like them so far for toddlers. I would def recommend a visit to a diaper store if you can find one in your area--seeing all the options in person really helps to figure out which system would best fit your needs. I'll look forward to hearing more about your cd journey :)

    Maiden: Ahhhh! You are right! That would be cool if babies could break dance.

    Yankee: Ha! Roscoe went through the diaper pulling off stage didn't last long fortunately. We bought snaps for Merritt's newborn stash and I struggled with them--they're hard to put on such a small baby. For that, I like velcro! I've been meaning to check out the BG flip, will go do that now. Thanks!

  6. We use the stay dry instert for the BG Flip the organic instert looks like it might be bulkier and have never tried it. I did not use Flips on Madame until recently so I am not sure on a smaller baby they might still be bulky. We have also really liked Smartipants and they are very inexpensive and trim. The insert seems quite thin but she has napped in it and we have never had a leak so it must do its job. Kawaii diapers are also an inexpensive option we have always used both inserts they come with which make it a little more bulky. On diaper boards though many people only use one insert and are happy I am just a little leary of leaks.

    If my sewing skills were better I have always wanted to make Madame some of these pants which allow for cloth diapers!


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