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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Momma's Monday Check-in: 30/40

Note: McFatty Monday's is no longer! Instead I will post Momma's Monday Check-in. Join me as I eat and exercise my way through the next 10 weeks.

Due Date: April 8, 2011

Total weight gain: 26
Cravings/Aversions: None
Sleep: I'm just waiting for the pregnancy insomnia to resume in these last weeks, but for now falling asleep and staying asleep isn't the problem. Roscoe, our little steam roller, is the problem, and establishing a different routine before the baby comes might be a good idea--for me but also for Roscoe because I'm not sure how he'll fare with little brother's frequent night wakes/nurses and Momma getting in and out bed at all hours.
I can't live without: Dates with my girlfriends. I went to high tea on Sunday and it was energizing.
I miss: It's only been less than a week, but I already miss wearing my wedding rings!
I am looking forward to: SPRING. Warmer weather, sunny skies, a new babe in arms. I can't wait. Also, I get to attend a birth in February as part of my certification requirements for Bradley!
Best moment this week: I organized ALL of my photo files in Aperture, which is a huge accomplishment because I have tens of thousands of digital files dating all the way back to 2002. I decided to catalog the files by year and month and now I finally have a system that makes sense and that works for the way that I take photos.
Aha Moment: I'm really enjoying work days that end at 1:00pm. Roscoe's been napping later in the day which means that I'm still able to catch a short snooze after work. I'm loving the long days and all the Roscoe and Momma time that we're getting to spend together.
Milestones: Let's see...30 weeks down! My engagement ring has been benched thanks to moderate swelling. Heart burn has ramped up.
Movement: There's a BABY in there, and I can feel all of him all of the time.
Gender: Boy!

Exercise: I lifted weights this week and made that the focus of my workouts. It actually felt really good, and made me want to do it again last night. I think this is progress!
Diet: I've really been enjoying food lately. I've been trying out a lot of new recipes and have been having FUN every day in the kitchen. The downside: I can't seem to escape gaining at least two pounds every week. gah. MUST slow down! I think the baby gains about a half pound every week from here on out, so that other pound and half? It's hard to imagine that I'm overeating by THAT much every week, but I suppose it's possible.

Goals for the upcoming week: Go to the gym twice (just trying to be realistic!).

Belly Shot:

Labor Signs: I've been having some noticeably consistent (as in once a day) light cramping. I hope this means that my body's working on some early dilation/effacement. At 34 weeks with Roscoe I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced.

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  1. I'm so envious of how you're doing fitness-wise. I pretty much gave up on working out after my SI Joint pain issues back in Nov./Dec... which has led to boredom, feeling lazy, and worrying that my whole lower half will be total flab post-partum. Oh well.

    And at 37 weeks, I'm lacking in any cramps too! Sometimes I feel a little something but can't tell if it's a cramp or the baby just moving around in limited space. Gahhhh I don't want to be a 42 weeker!


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