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Monday, January 17, 2011

Momma's Monday Check-in (28/40)

Note: McFatty Monday's is no longer! Instead I will post Momma's Monday Check-in. Join me as I eat and exercise my way through the next 12 weeks.

Due Date: April 8, 2011

Total weight gain: 22
Cravings/Aversions: None
Sleep: I can barely climb up into our bed now. But once I'm in, sleep is pretty good, even with Roscoe crawling all over me.
I can't live without: Tums are still saving the day.
I miss: The ability to turn over in bed with ease. And sleeping on my stomach.
I am looking forward to: My prenatal visit was rescheduled at the last minute because another client of my midwife was in labor that morning. So now I'm looking forward to THIS Friday.
Best moment this week: I washed the baby's cloth diapers, and purchased all the miscellaneous items like shampoo and pampers swaddlers for the early days. It feels good to know that we're basically ready for his arrival. My list of "before baby arrives" to dos is getting shorter and shorter.
Aha Moment: I can't wait to see the Roscoe/baby brother dynamic. This morning he told me that the baby is "sleeping" and "growing", then cradled his arms together to show me how he wanted to "hold" the baby. Then he offered my belly his vitamin and his sippy cup. Melt my heart!
Milestones: Our nanny had her last day with us on Thursday (sad!), and the new nanny starts on Tuesday. As for the pregnancy: fat fingers, the swelling has begun!
Movement: In addition to the usual, he's been creating an overall belly shake/vibration with what I can only imagine is full body stretches.
Gender: Boy!

Exercise: I did my workout and I didn't enjoy it. No!!!
Diet: Nothing to report here. I gained a pound last week.

Goals for the upcoming week: Repaint a wooden chair for the nursery, and paint the constellations on the wall.

Belly Shot:

Labor Signs: None


  1. We talk to Brayden about his brother all of the time but all he ever wants to do is poke my belly not be sweet to it :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow, I am so impressed that he seems to actually understand that he has a brother on the way. I don't think Lilah has any clue what so ever. She tells me that there is a baby in my belly and will kiss my belly, but I think it's just because we talk up the belly a lot. I'm really hoping the new baby doesn't totally rock her world when she has to start sharing mommy and daddy :/ Do you worry about that at all?

  4. We've been pleasantly surprised by his curious awareness of the baby, however, I do think he is also mirroring our enthusiasm in a lot of ways. I'll say something one day and then later in the week he'll say something similar (unprompted) or add to it (like the vitamin and the water). The holding thing he totally came up with too.

    I do worry some about his transition from one and only to big brother, but know that this is a common event for kids and that he'll make it through just fine. My biggest concerns are about how he'll handle the baby nursing, and also just the diversion of attention. I know I mentioned it before to you, but I'm glad that I have a new work schedule that offers me more time with Roscoe between now and the baby's birth.

    I would like to have a plan in place before the baby comes to ensure that Roscoe feels included and that he gets one on one time with both of us, especially in those first few weeks.

    Hopefully we can make the transition as non-traumatic as possible. Are you guys doing anything special to prepare Lilah?

  5. Just saw this response, sorry for the delay. And to answer your question, no, we aren't really doing annything special to prepare her. I am making sure she get's a lot of Mommy time now, but even my play time with her is sub-par as I can't sit on the floor or bend over for too long really. My mom will be staying with us for the whole month of March, so she should get plenty of attention post baby. Like you said, its a pretty common event for kids, so I know she will get through it and eventulally be a great big sis.
    Someone gave me a good tip for once the new baby is here...since we will probably be asking the older child to wait a lot, like "wait a minute, baby needs a diaper change/bottle/nap/ect..." Try to say the same thing to the new baby in front of the older child. For example, even if the baby is sitting content in it's swing, say "Hold on baby, Mommy is getting Lilah a snack." So the older child hears that you are still doing a lot for him and her and she isn't always waiting for you to tend to the baby. Does that make sense? I thought it was a pretty good tip.


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