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Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is news only because Roscoe's stats have been comfortably hanging out in the bottom 25th percentile, and during his infant months were in the bottom 2%: Roscoe is in the 58th percentile for weight (27 lbs.) and 40th percentile for height (32.5 in.)! He grew 2.5 inches and gained 2.5 pounds in just three months, which substantially altered the trajectory of his growth curve. I'm 5 feet tall so I can't help him out much, but here's to hoping that he will blend in with the crowd as he continues to grow. I finally had a chance to record his height measurements on his growth chart which was a fun thing to do.

On another note, Andy was out town for most of the week and while we got along just fine, his absence left me and Roscoe pining for his return. There have been very few times since Roscoe was born that Andy has had to travel--this was only the second time that I can recall. For someone who rarely has the opportunity, I was exhausted and empowered by the responsibility to mother Roscoe day and night, and also functionally run the house. I enjoyed the time that I don't typically get to hang out with Roscoe, namely the early morning hours that this week nicely lent themselves to pancake breakfasts, finger painting explorations, and Internet video browsing--the favorites of which turned out to be a chicken laying an egg, and a goat pooping.

I have yet to share our Christmas recap (I really hope to find time soon) but the highlight for Roscoe of five days in Walt Disney World, was a goat in the Animal Kingdom that "ate hay", and "pooped". We haven't heard the end of it yet! He becomes overwhelmed with sudden excitement in the middle of everyday activities and begins belting "Goat!" "Goat!" "Goat!" It's fascinating how his little mind works.

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  1. Wow, that is a big growth spurt! Lilah has always been tall (between 75 and 90%) but on the thin side (25-40%). But whenever I happily exclaim to the doctor that she will be tall as a grown up, her doc gently lets me down and tells me that isn't the case. So he may end up being a tall guy even if he was a small baby!


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