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Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Haircut, 19 months

I have been growing out my hair for what feels like forever, after a botched highlight job back in 2008. While a trim is recommended every 6-8 weeks, I tend not to get around to maintenance but every 6-8 months. The truth is that I'm even less inclined to find time for myself when I'm pregnant or otherwise preoccupied, so I can't even remember the last time I paid Mikel a visit.

And then there's poor little Roscoe. We've never before cut his hair, mostly because he's had so little of it since he was born. Over the last few months it's become pretty unruly--curly when wet, but super fine and unable to hold shape once it dries. I was certain that the weight of almost 20 months of baby hair was dragging his curls down. Add in the static of Winter and it's been quite unfortunate. We realized the extent of it last weekend while browsing in Ikea. Ragamuffin came (lovingly) to mind.

I decided a month ago that a double date haircut was in order, and I've been looking forward to this day ever since. For me: the experience of infrequent pampering in the form of a salon shampoo. For him: the opportunity to unearth the true nature of his auburn locks.

We decided from the start that Roscoe in my lap would offer up our best chance of success. He donned a little animal print apron and sat happily in my ever-disappearing lap until Mikel's comb stroked through a little dried yogurt camped out in Roscoe's bang--that was the beginning of the end. Tears ensued, and his eyes never completely dried out.

This photo sums up Roscoe's first hair cut:

After a few gimmicks, we found that a good 'ol chat about goats and goat poop (never fails!) calmed him down enough to complete about 80% of the cut.

We decided to give Roscoe a break from the stress and so I got my hair cut while he impatiently observed. He asked no less than ten times if I was "done?", and when the blow dryer finally stopped buzzing, the answer was yes and Roscoe did his happy little trot dance saying "OK! OK!".

But we still had 10% finishing touches to add to Roscoe's cut, and the results were achieved with similar unrest.

Mikel snipped tiny bits of hair as he went and never cut off anything substantial, so the "first haircut" envelope in the baby book will remain empty until next time.

Afterward, we stopped next door for a quick dinner and Roscoe picked out a raspberry tart and a yogurt as a special treat.

Back at home, after bath and half-way through bedtime routine, I snapped a few "after" pictures. Since Mikel did a dry cut, it was hard to know what the final results would be.

I'll have to wait for tomorrow to see how it behaves when it's dry, but so far so good!


  1. There is something about when baby boys get their hair cut for the first time that makes them look so much older to me. It came out very handsome!
    I'm the same way about neglecting my hair....I used to be diligent about going every 10 weeks for a cut and highlight. When we decided to have a baby, I stopped highlighting my hair. And for some reason that led to me not going in for regular cuts too. Now it tends to be a trim every 5 or 6 months. But boy oh boy I still love the way a fresh hair cut feels!

  2. He looks so cute with his hair brushed to the side and his tart on the table! lol He really did have craaaazy hair! Glad you both got your hair done together! :o)


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