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Friday, November 19, 2010

Two things:

1. Today I am 20 weeks pregnant, AND
2. Roscoe is officially 1 1/2 !

My belly is now big enough to bump it into things! It's also making a chore out of simple tasks like tying my shoes, shaving, hoisting Roscoe up and down, and hurdling over baby gates. Today when I was out and about with Roscoe I caught a look at myself in the glass of a window shop. Roscoe was hanging on to my pinky finger and my belly was out in full force. I looked like the Momma of two.

The nursery is coming along nicely, although I'm feeling rather impatient. I like to decorate in steps, and first things have to come first! I'm currently waiting on snail mail to deliver the first installation of goodies that I've ordered (to address storage, paint, and our little inspiration piece). Once I place everything in the room I'll have a better idea for what I'm working with and can then make decisions about accent colors, curtains, and seating. Not only are we designing on a tighter budget (Momma won't have a job in four short months!), but we re-assembled the crib last weekend which made us realize that we're also dealing with a much smaller space. Our creativity will have to shine.

I've also been making a short list of items that I need to get in the next few months. Luckily, baby clothes are not on the list. I pulled out Roscoe's "newborn" layette and picked out all the stained items intending to wash them once and then throw away anything that wasn't sparkling--however, a hot wash with bleach and a double rinse and they were all perfect as new. Then I separated the newborn clothes from the 0-3 month items. Assuming that Little Sears is around 7 pounds at birth, he already has a decent wardrobe. I just need to buy a few footed sleepers and we'll be all set.

As for baby names, we're waffling between two. Andy is in love with the first but I have yet to be fully convinced. The second I really like, and he likes it too, but not as much as he loves the first. Identifying a name that is as unpopular (on the charts), yet just as lovable, is proving to be a challenge.

And speaking of Roscoe:


  1. He is so handsome!! Can't wait to hear what name you finally decide on & also can't wait to see the nursery!!

  2. Congrats on two big milestones! I got a little teary when I read the part about seeing yourself and looking like the Momma of two...amazing feeling, isn't it?!

  3. It is sooooo much harder to name this baby! I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and my little Eloise is 20 months today- how did you find a name you love as much as the name Roscoe? I feel like I used all my fabo naming skills with #1!

  4. Thanks Mitzi!!

    Mama Tully: It's kind of surreal. Like, is that really me? Is this my life!? It is amazing.

    Brakes and Gas: I'll be honest: I don't love either of the names as much as I love the name Roscoe. But I have to guess that part of why we love his name so much is because we know Roscoe (the person). Choosing a sibling name is made more complicated by the fact that we have to work around structure that we established with the first kid's name. It's kind of fun to have to dig deep for this second name though. We're almost there!! Eloise is a great one! How close are you to finding the second?

  5. Good points about the naming; where are you finding your inspiration? I am trying to re-read all my fave books but so far, nothing has jumped out at me. We find out tomorrow morning what we are having!
    PS: I am Mrs.Wubbin on the April board. :)

  6. Hmm, inspiration so far has come from a LOOONG list of names that we had accumulated when trying to name Roscoe a couple years back, some family names that we've been wanting to incorporate,,,, and several older naming books, plus a couple more I picked up recently when I just wanted to buy SOMETHING baby related!!

    Going to your blog now to check out the stats!!

  7. Ooops! Sorry! Meant to come and share! We are having another girl! I am really excited that Weezy will have a sister, but my name saga continues. It is a great idea to look back in our family trees! Thanks!


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