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Monday, November 15, 2010

10k success

Sunday was race day. To be clear, I did not "race" the 10k. I ran it. Or maybe it was a jog. Either way, I finished strong and I didn't walk. I tend not to put too many expectations on myself during races.

We decided at the last minute to honor Roscoe's nap schedule and so he and Andy stayed home. It's a choice that we've made to ensure that Roscoe's sleep remains a priority and that he naps and sleeps in his own bed, but I was still bummed to have to drive in and run alone. On the upside, it did present a rare opportunity for peace and quiet reflection, just me and Little Sears.

I woke up at 5:30 to make a playlist, dress, and grab breakfast. I left an extra 45 minutes to find parking because in DC there are no guarantees.

I relished the uninhabited state of I-95 at 6:15 on a Sunday morning. In no time I was cresting the interstate overlooking the DC skyline. Parking wasn't as bad as I imagined but it did involve a mile jaunt to the start line.

The energy on race days is what I love best. There were people walking and running from all corners to funnel into the field at West Potomac Park. Music was blaring, the port-a-potties were lined up in parallel rows of twenty and the line of people in wait was continuous. A huge tent filled with bananas, coffee, coconut water and other energizing snacks were mine for the taking, although I had only a few minutes to grab a bag of dried fruit.

I started the race a few minutes late due to the never ending potty lines. None of the staff could guarantee restrooms on the course--and I wasn't about to chance it. At this point in the pregnancy, thirty minutes into any run and I'm usually begging for a pee break.

The weather was chilly, and the skies were clear which made for utterly perfect running conditions. I put on my sunglasses, re-laced my (new) shoes, adjusted my visor, and I was on my way! Since the groups are organized by pace with slower people at the back, one benefit to starting late is that you get to pass a lot of people along the way (which is feel good).

The Potomac river was gorgeous in the early morning sun, and the east coast foliage was in full display for Fall. I brought a Gu* along for the ride, just to give myself something to look forward to at the half-way mark (FYI: they're great for labor too!).

The last two miles I alternated on repeat Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and Roscoe by Midlake--I labored to Roscoe and if this body can give birth, this body can run 6.2 miles.

My parents surprised me with a meetup at the finish line, which made my day. Then we beelined it to the food tent where I was greeted by bagels with cream cheese, chocolate chip cookies, and other goodies. Mmm...there are few things more satisfying than a carbohydrate binge after a long run.

I ran a pace of just under 11 minutes, which is about one minute slower than my pre-pregnancy pace (modification!). The last mile was full of braxton hicks contractions, and as mentioned, my hips were so painfully sore last night that I am accepting the fact that long distance running is off the agenda from here on out. Warm up runs? Short runs? Probably ok. But the joy that comes from exercise is sucked right out when you have to take time off to "heal" afterward. And frankly, I think my hips have an important job to do right now, and I don't need to put them under more stress. There are great options for cardio that don't involve repetitive impact.

I'm thankful that I got to share a race with Little Sears and that I met the demands of the run proving to myself that I can be pregnant and still enjoy the things that make me happy.


  1. Goooo Jacqueline!! That's awesome!

  2. Very impressive! Great job Momma!

  3. Congratulations Jacqueline! Being a fellow runner, I loved reading this blog and think now I may need to write my marathon experience down on paper or perhaps a blog of my own!

    You ROCK!!

    We need some people for my December Jingle All the Way 10K if you decide you want to run one more race :)

  4. Way to go! That is so great. Congrats on the big accomplishment. Have dreams of doing a big run like that someday. We will see.

  5. Way to go Momma! You can tell Little Sears when he gets bigger!


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