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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's not you, it's me.

Tonight while at the gym, I realized that spandex may no longer be suitable as workout attire, at least until my real baby belly starts to show. While breaking my sweat and feeling strong, I also felt self conscious about the way my quickly disappearing waistline was highlighted by my oh so streeetchy pants and hoodie.

I remember an in-between unpleasant wardrobe development probably a few weeks further along in my last pregnancy. It lasted at least a month, and consisted of a transition period in which I had to make a big decision: wear my pants over or under my belly. Over equated to "muffin top", under equated to ....belly hanging over pants. Lose-lose!

I don't recall what my solution was, but I fear that I have just entered that awkward point in time yet again.

Maybe some maternity workout pants are in order?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Momma's Monday Check-in: 8/40

Note: McFatty Mondays is no longer!! Instead, I will be posting Momma's Monday Check-in. Join me as I eat and exercise my way through the next 32 weeks.

Due Date: April 8, 2011

Total weight gain: 1
Morning Sickness: Is at its worst in the evening, which is driving me nuts.
Cravings: Last week was bizarre, and this week I only want to eat clean food! Spicy is out, cheese, eggs, and tomatoes are still in.
Sleep: I wake many nights around 3:30am and stay up until 5:30/6:00am, which really makes the daytime tough.
I can't live without: My Snoogle pillow, even though I'm still tossing and turning.
I miss: Exercise!
I am looking forward to: I know it's a little early but I'm trying to figure out what we're going to dress up as a family for Halloween. Any ideas?
Aha Moment: My new first trimester mantra: "I'm not out of shape, I'm just pregnant."
Milestones: Seeing Little Sears (and a beating heart) on Ultrasound!
Best moment this week: Getting a surprise sneak peak at our little embryo

Exercise: I more or less gave myself permission to take a break this week, and I have to remind myself to think long term. After five days of little more than couch lounging I slept well Friday night, and woke up with a strong desire to go running. So I did. Three miles later I felt great and I think the important thing at this stage is to take advantage of the moments when I do feel like exercising, and cut myself some slack when I'm too tired or nauseated to put forth the effort. There are only a few weeks left of the first trimester blahs, and after that I'll be back to my routine with plenty of time for working on pregnancy fitness.

Diet: The good thing about having a "bad" week is that the icky feeling that lingers is usually all the motivation I need to refocus. This week I'm getting back to whole foods and structured meals and snacks--not 24 hour buffet.

Goal's for the upcoming week: Take advantage of the mornings when I typically feel good--runs, walks, gym time, I don't care what the activity. And if it works out that I'm in the mood for breaking a sweat in the evening as well, all the better.

Belly Shot:
Movement: none
Gender: unknown

Labor Signs: none

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lil Joeys

For only 8 weeks, we're already feeling incredibly prepared for this baby.

We know where I plan to give birth, who will attend, and are thisclose to contracting our favorite photographer. A nursery of furniture is at the ready, as well as all the newborn essentials--including a perfectly timed seasonal wardrobe if we have another boy.

I've been trying so very hard to find something to buy to commemorate this pregnancy, but to my dismay we don't need much! And I would like to wait to find out the gender before I indulge in a few outfits and gender specific accessories--not to mention THE NURSERY!!

Out of all the baby stuff we bought for Roscoe, there aren't any items that I regret purchasing (although we did not get ideal use out of the boppy pillow, I thought it was too cumbersome for nursing), and I haven't come across many compelling new baby items released since Roscoe's birth--maybe because it wasn't very long ago.

There are some areas, however, like diapering, that I hope to improve on the second time around. For one, we were a little apprehensive at first and opted to use disposables in the beginning, in part because 80 diapers a week sounded a little daunting but also because Roscoe stayed small for so long and just didn't fit into the one-size Bum Genius until he was over two months old. Once we got started it didn't take long before we were hooked and using the BGs exclusively.

Little Sears will have a bum swaddled in cloth starting from day one.

I just bought a pair of Rumparooz's Lil Joeys. Aren't they cool?

They fit babies 4-12 pounds and will hopefully bridge the gap until our little one grows big enough to fit into the BGs. For lack of branching out, I'm a fan of All in Ones and this diaper doesn't even have an insert--sounds pretty easy to me! They also a snap down front to protect the cord until it falls off. I ordered the Kangarooz pattern for its gender neutral appeal.

I'm open to trying out new systems and I could use a boost in confidence to venture into the realm of fitted diapers.

What system did you choose for your newborn and what did you love most about it? Where did you buy them? What are your tips!?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Rant: I heart the first trimester

Another exhausting day is coming to a close. I'm sitting on the couch again, instead of breaking a sweat at the gym, or even making the rounds in the neighborhood. I'm just too tired to move.

Being pregnant with a toddler is hard work!

Today I was a lump of a Momma. After hanging out around the house in the morning, and after naptime (for everyone!), we went to the grocery store to stock up for the week. While I droned around the store picking and piling things into our cart, Roscoe sat in the car up front (Wegman's cart design is ingenious--although the ones we have at our store are brown, not colorful and fun like this one (found in NY)):

Random Internet Photo

He was content gnawing on a pretzel roll, and I moved at a snail's pace thankful that he was occupied and that I wasn't required to carry him in my arms or worse, corral him in the case that he wanted to walk on his own. That moment came later when we approached THE TRAIN, at which point he practically bucked himself out of the car to run frantically to and fro as the train circled on its track above our heads.

Roscoe was directly in the line of shopping traffic, going nuts over the train and I just stood there with my eyebrows raised (in excitement!!!!! Can you feel it?) and a smile plastered on my face trying to be enthusiastic for him, when really I just wanted to eat something really bad for me and then fall asleep for the rest of the day.

We made it home in one piece, but it was only two o'clock!

Roscoe proceeded to ransack every common area in the house, while I supervised from the sidelines. And as I sit typing this, the house remains a disaster area. Sorry Andy, I just can't do it.

And let's not talk about how much I've been eating! Actually, lets! Five Guy's for dinner last night? Zoe's Kitchen for lunch yesterday, AND today? McDonald's vanilla cone? 3 Panera Bagels with Cream Cheese? Bubble Tea? Random things covered in cheese and hot sauce? Yes, please.

Not all in one day, of course. But I'm starting to feel a little gross.

I've been waking up in the middle of the night with a painfully empty stomach, and unable to sleep. I'm just so hungry. And so tired. And so lazy. And food is terribly elusive these days. Oh Dear.

I also think I look about 16 weeks pregnant....ugh. My belly appears to have developed a "memory" and is assuming a pregnancy state quite effortlessly. I've decided that having good posture and holding my abs in while I stand is too uncomfortable, so squishy belly: I release you!!

I just hope I don't gain 100 pounds over the next 8 months! The good news is that I am 2/3 of the way through the first trimester, and relief should be coming soon.

In the meantime, I'm so grateful for Andy who takes morning duty, and also covers Roscoe's bedtime routine, which gives me two extra hours of sleep and nightly relief starting at 6pm. Ah yes, I couldn't do this alone.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (a birthday recap)

I turned 28 on Saturday the 14th, so this post is quite overdo. But I couldn't let August pass without sharing at least a few highlights. If I do say so myself, this year's birthday revelry was fabulous! I closed the books on 27, and rang in my 28th with all my favorite people and things.

Festivities were kicked off a week early when I was whisked away for the day by my sister and my mom. First, it was Mary Poppins off Broadway: I had no idea the storyline contained so many inspiring themes. The positive affects that a good nanny can have on an entire household, the value of appreciating people for who they are, the juggling act that is being a mother and wife, the importance of putting people first and being a good judge of character, the magic that is true love, the way that parenting comes full circle across generations, the importance of standing behind your man, and finally, the bittersweet nature of a child's growing independence.

With every job when it's complete
There is a sense of bittersweet
That moment when you know the task is done
Though in your heart you'd like to stay
To help things on their way
You've always known
They must do it alone
There. Practically perfect, and I hope it remains so.

Viewed through my "Momma Lens" I was a tearful mess! But then it was time for dinner on the waterfront. A new restaurant, creative and fresh squeezed beverages...I was in heaven! And that was before dessert had even arrived.

My actual birthday was spent at the zoo--an experience that I've been wanting to share as a family all Summer. I was not at all disappointed with Roscoe's enthusiasm for the animals--in fact it really made my day. It was so humid, and so crowded, the Duallie made a perfect Chariot for Roscoe and his many accoutrement's. We're planning another visit when the weather cools and the tourists vacate the city.

Later that night, our friends surprised me with cupcakes from a new cupcakery. They were perfect and Little Sears was so happy with the four cupcakes that Momma shared with her (there I said it, here's to the possibility that there's a baby girl abrewin').

And here's to the year ahead, which is beginning to look awfully full and mighty good!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby update

Introducing Little Sears:

Our little embryo measured ahead at 7 weeks, 3 days with a heartbeat of 138. The tech could find no explanation for the spotting.

Looks like Little Sears may be in it for the long haul, after all!

Momma's Monday Check-in (7/40)

Note: McFatty Mondays is no longer!! Instead, I will be posting Momma's Monday Check-in. Join me as I eat and exercise my way through the next 33 weeks.

Due Date: April 2011

Total weight gain: 0

Morning Sickness: Still going strong! If only I could lie around all day and watch tv while sipping lemonade.
Cravings: Out of control. If it's not steak, I'll eat it. Sriracha has been a staple all week. Eggs and cheddar cheese follow closely behind.
Sleep: Napping when Roscoe naps saves the day!
I can't live without: I've been pouring over baby name books and websites. Nameberry is my current favorite. We thought we had a girl's name finalized (and leftover from Roscoe's naming event) but now there are new, even more intriguing names to consider. We're more or less at ground zero on both fronts.
I miss: Our pre-parent days of lazing about and sleeping late into the morning.
I am looking forward to: Learning more about what Little Sears is up to. We have an ultrasound scheduled for 1 pm today.
Aha Moment: Even though my norm shifted some with all the spotting I experienced during my first pregnancy, it still sucks the wind from my sails.
Best moment this week: Andy and I went out on a real date to a fancy restaurant. It was refreshing to get dressed up and go out as a couple. I was like a kid in a candy store, picking my meal off the menu. Falling asleep on the way home was a fun way to end the night :)
Workout Recap: I had plans to take a spin class and ride the elliptical machine on Saturday and Sunday, but I wasn't really in the mood after Saturday morning's discovery.

Monday--3.7 mile run
Tuesday--cardio kickboxing class at my other gym
Friday--3 mile walk
Sunday-- OFF

Diet: I indulged a lot of my cravings this week but things still seem to be on track--luckily I haven't been craving banana splits or cheese fries! With work and Roscoe to manage it feels like I'm going non-stop, and all-day fatigue and general malaise have required what feels like constant refueling. I try to make the most of every meal and snack, but when we're on the run it can be hard to execute. I've found that Starbuck's Vivanno Smoothies (with 6 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein) make a satisfying snack or an easy lunch.

Goal's for the upcoming week: Hopefully this week will bring less rain (and cooler temps) because I'm ready to get back to our long walks and runs. I'd also like to make up for this past week's relative inactivity--Spin is on my list, and I still have a date with the Elliptical.

Belly Shot:
Movement: none
Gender: unknown

Labor Signs: none

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Since Roscoe's birth the pace of time has been marvelous.

Suspend. Individual days are made up of hours that are made up of minutes that tick, tick, tick, along. I take it all in, every last second, and remind myself to try to remember these moments, because they will never ever happen again.

Accelerate. Fifteen months have passed, the Summer of 2010 is over, and our little guy sleeps in his own bed, through the night (the swing banished from the nursery, once and for all!). He walks and runs, offering his love and affection all day long. Eats with forks and spoons, plays games that he makes up as he goes along, demonstrates a sense of humor, and an ear for a good beat.

I've been profoundly appreciative for both extremes of the pendulum of time.

Tomorrow I'll have 7 weeks behind me and by this time next week Little Sears will have grown to be a 1/2 inch long. Captivated by Time's continuous hand, I am not too surprised that this pregnancy, just one of the many parts that make up our life at this moment, moves at an about equal pace to the rest.

Last time, it felt like forever happened before I made it to seven weeks. Last time I was gripped with anxiety over miscarriage and other unfortunate events not within my control. Last time I had spotting and everything worked out just fine.

This time, I'm much more content. More relaxed. More knowing of what this process is, and how it works, and what waits for me at the end of it. Birth. A squishy little baby. A family of four. A sibling relationship that will last for a whole lifetime. We love Little Sears. And we've already imagined a good life with him/her in it.

Rewind back to this morning, when I noticed what is never considered to be a good sign: spotting.

It lasted through the morning and now nothing. I've had a few episodes of lower back discomfort, but I wouldn't categorize it as cramping. It's Saturday so there will be no confirmation of anything in particular until Monday at the earliest.

Suspended, we wait.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bake-N-Blog: #28 Gingerbread Cupcakes

It rained every day last week. The temps were lower than usual and even though Fall doesn't officially begin for another month, with the smell of gingerbread wafting through our house, it was easy to make believe that school was in session and that the leaves were turning.

Cupcake 28 is a special little cupcake, and I picked it for a handful of reasons. Did I ever tell you that we have a tradition of baking gingerbread houses from scratch and decorating them on Christmas Eve? It's a family event. The year before Roscoe was born we made a Gingerbread Trailer Park and it was one for the books!

Toward the end of every season I begin to itch for the next, so I couldn't resist a little mid-August Fall welcome.

Without further ado, let's get started!

Cupcake Ingredients:

To avoid the embarrassment of discovering little lumps of salty baking soda sprinkled throughout my cuppy-cakes, I first whisked the flour and baking soda together in a small bowl. Then into my mixer I beat on medium speed the butter, brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt. When all the ingredients had incorporated together nice and smooth I added the molasses and each egg, one at a time. Then I dumped in the sour cream, mixed some more then scraped down the sides of the bowl with a silicone spatula. Next, in went the dry ingredients: the flour and baking soda. I dumped half in at a time and mixed the batter on medium speed until it was well-blended.

Have you ever used Sili Cups? These neat little baking liners are made from silicone and are placed directly on a half or full sized baking sheet, which eliminates the need for a cupcake pan.

In the face of some obvious advantages: they are pretty to look at, nonstick, reusable, portable, and easy to store, they come with an even longer list (or maybe just weightier) of disadvantages: they are a challenge to clean, often feel "sticky" even after washing, and more often than not result in destroying the delicate pastry that lies within in order to remove (at least in my experience, and maybe there's a trick I'm not aware of...but I don't think so).

Anyway, I have them, so I use them!

I spooned a little more than a 1/4 cup into each of 12 silicups (about 3/4 full), popped them into the oven at 350 and set my timer for 30 minutes.

Then the three of us took turns with the batter bowl until it was clean and afterward we put Roscoe down for his nap.

When I checked on the cupcakes at about 20 minutes they were overflowing and batter was baking into hard little brown bits on the sheet pan. Hmmm....perhaps I filled them too full.

At 28 minutes a batter tester came out clean so I pulled the cupcakes out to cool.

And then it was time for the FROSTING!!

A classic Cream Cheese frosting, with a special little twist: Marshmallow fluff.

The recipe called for 4 oz. cream cheese, 1/2 stick room temperature butter, 1 1/2 cups confectioner's sugar, 1 jar of marshmallow fluff, and 1 tsp vanilla. My first concern was that the size of the marshmallow fluff jar was not specified. I had a 16 oz jar which seemed like an awfully marshmallow-heavy ratio. So I used only 1/2 the jar. I creamed the cream cheese and butter on medium high speed then added the vanilla, marshmallow fluff, and confectioner's sugar.

The icing was yummy, but not very cream-cheesy and the flavor of Marshmallow was too dominant for my taste. I decided to make a separate batch of the frosting minus the marshmallow fluff, and then mix it with the first batch.

Bottom line, the new ratio is: 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 stick butter, 3 cups confectioner's sugar, 8 oz. marshmallow fluff, 2 tsp. vanilla.

PERFECTION. Luscious, dreamy, with a warm pulled taffy-like viscosity, and an egg-shell sheen finish. Delicious from beginning to end.

After removing the unsightly overflow (the silicups made this otherwise impossible task extra easy), I used the icing injector tip on my mechanical pastry bag to fill the cupcake centers with icing, and then I carefully iced the tops.


Aren't they lovely?

I was so happy that fresh ginger was used in this recipe, and if I could make one tiny improvement I would increase the "spiciness" of the cake. Some people don't like spicy gingerbread, but I think it would complement the cool and creamy icing so very nicely.

Also, my little ginger cakes were a little dark and a little dry. Thirty minutes in the oven was too long. I think 22-25 minutes would have been better. Otherwise, my panel of taste testers declared these cupcakes "like Christmastime!" And I have to agree.

Thanks to Staci, for inventing the Bake N Blog! & thanks to Ming at Ming Makes Cupcakes for inventing Cupcake 28!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Questions 3, 4, and 5!

To celebrate my 300th post, I've been fielding your questions!

Yankee in England recently asked:

Question 1: If it is not too personal of a question do you plan to have Roscoe totally weaned before Little Sears comes or will you tandem feed?

Answer: Not too personal at all! I don't plan to tandem nurse. I haven't forgotten how demanding a hungry newborn is! We no longer nurse at night, and have slowly phased out the number of times we nurse during the day to only 2 or 3--once at nap time, once late in the afternoon (for some quiet time) and/or once before bed. I do love our nursing relationship and I am saddened knowing that it will be over soon. But Roscoe is growing up, and he has plenty of nutritious food to eat. There are many ways for me to meet Roscoe's need for physical closeness and so we will focus on that as we continue this process. I don't have a predetermined time frame (or plan) for how we will achieve The Wean, but I know that we'll get there by the time Little Sears is born. Hopefully sometime this Fall or early Winter.

Question 2: [In your Header] will Little Sears "Roll" on over to join the family when he/she makes an appearance?

Answer: I love this idea, and if the Design Girl were more willing to manipulate images, I would totally ask her to do it! She did some photo-shopping work on my header, but I got a clear sense that it was not her preference.

Question 3: Also curious why the decision to have 4 children was there a reason for the the number 4?

Answer: I grew up in a family with three kids, and Andy grew up in a family with two kids. Both of us appreciate the energy that accompanies a crowd and agree completely that three kids is definite. Three kids makes a "nice-sized" family, but four tips the scale from "nice" to "large", and I love the dynamic that is essential to large families. And I especially look forward to how that dynamic changes over time, from a young family (with lots of little ones underfoot), to a house full of rowdy teens, to an empty nest with an even bigger extended family. It all sounds like a good life to me! Andy is "mostly" sold on the idea of four. Lately, five kids hasn't seemed that insane, and if I have four boys you better believe that I'll be trying for a fifth!! Now he thinks I might be crazy.

Want to ask me something? Anything? Please do!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Question 2: Baby-Related Books

Chick Chikadee asked: Do you have any baby-related books that you have found very helpful? You once mentioned nursing on demand. Is there a method or book that you follow?

For pleasure, and at times in desperation, I've read quite a bit about babies over the past two years. When I was pregnant with Roscoe I read up on parenting philosophy. After he was born, I gravitated toward sources covering breastfeeding, and sleep--mostly because these two areas were the ones I was least prepared for and which ultimately gave me the most trouble!

Here are the five books that have most shaped our parenting philosophy:
Baby-Proofing Your Marriage: recommended reading before the baby is born!!

Remember this? We were desperate for a solution and we found one!

I wasn't as proactive about breastfeeding as I should have been the first time around. I assumed that the relationship would flourish without a lot of effort on my part. Breastfeeding is natural, right!!?? Postpartum, I practically lived on the La Leche League's website troubleshooting and searching for affirmation that what I was experiencing was common, if not normal.

Kelly Mom is a great site for all types of questions related to breastfeeding. The web author is a lactation consultant. This article on latch was particularly useful--the animation explained a lot!

I recently ordered Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding in prep for Little Sears--I really do hope to avoid all the problems I experienced last time! To address your question about nursing on demand, Ina's book and the attachment parenting philosophy in general, as well as La Leche League, are all very supportive of nursing on demand.

Here is a "nursing on demand" article posted on the La Leche League website.

Disclaimer: I don't endorse every concept offered by these resources--take from them what works for you, and leave what doesn't! That's what I did. As with all sources of information, a healthy dose of skepticism is well justified.

This is fun! Have you thought of any more questions since last month? Post em' below!!

Can you picture it?

Momma's Monday Check-in (6/40)

*Note: McFatty Mondays is no longer!! Instead, I will be posting Momma's Monday Check-in. Join me as I eat and exercise my way through the next 34 weeks.

Due Date: April 2011

Total weight gain: 0

Morning Sickness: YES, underlying, and lasts all day.
Cravings: Cheddar Cheese.
Sleep: Can't get enough.
I can't live without: Control top undies--I had no idea how marvelous (and comfy) they are for first tri- bloat.
I miss: My patience (which wasn't abundant to begin with)
I am looking forward to: Organizing all of Roscoe's outgrown baby clothes, stuff, and toys that are currently housed in our former guest room. I want to convert the space into an informal playroom for the next few months, until we can focus on the nursery.
Aha Moment: I tuned into The Next Food Network Star and recognized Herb Mesa, a current finalist, as MY VERY FIRST PERSONAL TRAINER when I lived in Richmond VA. Cool!! He was kind of an ass back then, though.
Milestones: Round ligament pain, already??! I had a few bouts of it in my third trimester, but now I experience them every day--getting up, sitting down, reaching for things. I had no idea RL pains might be more frequent and begin earlier in second pregnancies.
Best moment this week: Celebrating my 28th birthday! Little Sears also gave me a free pass to postpone a root canal that was scheduled for Wednesday!
Workout Recap: I have felt positively exhausted the past 5 days. Truthfully, at the end of the day, it was all I could bear to keep my eyes open and not veg out in front of the TV. Blogging required too much brainpower. Working out required far too much energy. Oh, the first trimester is a challenge! My best bet was to exercise in the morning.

I will also add that kickboxing at this stage in my pregnancy doesn't feel quite right. I spend a lot of mental energy during the class thinking about the baby, and carefully considering how and if I should modify the exercises. Then afterward, instead of feeling pumped and energized, I feel a little guilty for jostling Little Sears around. I know it's mostly mental, but I may opt to incorporate more traditional fitness classes into my routine for the next month or so--or until I feel more comfortable. The bottom line is that my ambivalence is costing me my workouts because I've kinda' been avoiding the boxing gym.

Monday--3 mile run, 1 hour Body Pump class
Wednesday--one hour boxing
Saturday--3 mile Birthday run
Sunday-- 1.5 mile family walk

Diet: I know morning sickness has kicked in when fifteen minutes spent staring blankly into the open refrigerator and/or pantry amounts to nothing more than indecision. It was my birthday week so I guiltlessly enjoyed cupcakes and other special treats, however, I otherwise tried not to eat like a hormonal pregnant lady. The nausea helped me out in that department!

Goal's for the upcoming week: Find some Bubble Tea!! Pencil in some spin classes and spend some time on the elliptical.

Belly shot:

Movement: none
Gender: unknown

Labor Signs: none

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CSA Week 12

In this week's CSA bag I found:

Watermelon, yellow squash, eggplant, cucumber, zucchini,
corn, salad tomatoes, ambrosia melon (not pictured because we ate it already!)

The Summer is winding down--only two weeks left--and our CSA has offered us so much this season: nutrition, weekly excitement anticipating what we'll receive next, and big adventures in the kitchen and around the table. I'm grateful we had the opportunity to belong to our local Crop Share and I hope to do it again next year!

My favorite recipes from last week included a basil-lime soda, and a luscious tomato soup.

For the soda I made a simple syrup in which I steeped 1.5 cups fresh basil-lime leaves for about 2 hours. I removed the leaves and chilled the syrup then sweetened to taste tall glasses of icy soda water. Refreshing!! The lime-basil flavor was a little odd--similar to root beer but too perfum-y for my taste. However, the technique was so, so easy, that I'm inspired to experiment with other fresh herbs.

I also made homemade croutons to garnish the soup. I bought two small rolls of rosemary bread, sliced the bread into cubes, and sauteed them in olive oil until all the oil was soaked up and the edges of the bread began to brown. Then I transferred the croutons to an oven heated to 350 degrees until they were crisp and lightly browned all around. A generous sprinkling of Fleur de Sel and they were so delicious I could barely stand it.

Happy Cooking!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Momma's Monday Check-in (5/40)

*Note: McFatty Mondays is no longer!! Instead, I will be posting Momma's Monday Check-in. Join me as I eat and exercise my way through the next 35 weeks.

Due Date: April 2011

Total weight gain: 0
Morning Sickness: I feel fine so far, which makes me a little nervous! I won't complain though, I know I should try to enjoy this while it lasts.
Cravings: Not really a craving per se, but these bars make for a very satisfying chocolate fix at only 100 calories and with three grams of fiber.
Sleep: Now that Roscoe sleeps through the night (yay!), I get 7 to 8 hours of solid sleep. His timing couldn't be better. I still cannot make it through the day without an afternoon nap.
I can't live without: My Mom Agenda--I heart agendas and this one combines all my must-have features! I'm already penciling in the important stuff, and my lists of new baby to-dos are growing by the minute.
I miss: Walking upstairs without getting winded.
I am looking forward to: Little Sears's heart starting to beat this week!
Aha Moment: Our insurance covers home birth, which should save us some money. That's good news!
Milestones: I had one itty bitty bout of heartburn, which could have been the tomato soup I ate for dinner that night...but I chose to blame Little Sears. I bought this pregnancy's FIRST bottle of Tums!!
Best moment this week: I cleaned out and organized my closet to make way for my yet to be cultivated maternity wardrobe.

Workout Recap: My capacity to workout changes dramatically during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. I like to use the rate of perceived exertion to monitor the intensity of my workouts. It's a relative scale and no matter if I'm pregnant, I like to work somewhere between a 5 and 8. I already feel more winded and less able to perform at the gym, and while it's tempting to give myself a break right now, I know I'll feel better (and stronger) in the long run if I just hang in there. This phase of general weakness should pass in the next month or two. I did too much walking last week, and not enough kickboxing!
Perceived Exertion Scale:
RPE 0: no activity
RPE 1-2: Very easy; you can converse with no effort
RPE 3: Easy; you can converse with almost no effort
RPE 4: Moderately easy; you can converse comfortably
RPE 5: Moderate; conversation requires some effort
RPE 6: Moderately hard: conversation requires quite a bit of effort
RPE 7: Difficult: conversation requires a lot of effort
RPE 8: Very difficult; conversation requires maximum effort
RPE 9 - 10: Peak effort: no talking zone

Monday--one hour kickboxing, 2.4 mile interval run
Wednesday--One hour weight lifting with Amy, 2 mile walk
Friday--1 hour weightlifting
Saturday--3.3 mile family walk
Sunday--1.5 mile family walk

Diet: I had a few days last week when I was really tired, and feeling under the weather due in part to a summer cold. When I'm tired I'm lazy, and it can be difficult to want to take time to create healthy meals and make smart food choices. I've found that cooking meals large enough for leftovers can be a big help, as well as keeping a lot of fresh fruit and lean protein sources at hand. Lately it's been chicken breasts, sliced deli meat off the bone, string cheese, pistachios, and egg beaters. Since I'm still nursing Roscoe I'm taking a calcium + vitamin D supplement twice a day to protect my bones.

Goal's for the upcoming week: My goal this week is to continue with our daily walks/runs, and to figure out how to find extra time to lift weights at my second gym. More kickboxing!! I also need to inventory my first trimester "maternity" wardrobe and make a short list of items that I want to buy.

Belly shot:

Hello bloat!

Movement: none
Gender: unknown

Labor Signs: none
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