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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey Ya'll!

We're back from our beach vacation--not so well-rested thanks to a child who reverted to infant sleeping habits while we were away! Our return trip on Friday was even better than the drive down because we drove through the night and were asleep in our own beds by 4:00 am. When we woke on Saturday morning, we still had a full weekend ahead of us.

The isle of palms was as perfect a summer travel destination as I can imagine. The ocean was so warm, and the beach uncrowded with compact sand (not the kind you sink into that causes sore calves!). Our proximity to Charleston was a big highlight and we alternated early mornings spent in the water and late afternoons exploring either the city or other nearby islands.

The heat was welcomed, and the humidity was tremendous. While the forecast called for thunderstorms every day, they usually didn't roll in until the evening, which was just fine with us. We arrived home just as white as we were when we left, in part due to religious application of high spf, but probably also to intermittent cloud cover. The palm trees in Charleston reminded me of California and elicited on more than one occasion lively discussion about "palm manicure" preferences.

While we assumed that vacationing with a 13 month old would be fun on many levels I don't think we expected Roscoe to be fully engaged in our vacation itinerary. So we were pleasantly surprised by Roscoe's determination to keep up with his older cousin Mack, his fearlessness in the ocean waves, and how he was drawn to the sand like a sea turtle to the moon. He was mesmerized by everything he encountered at the aquarium, and eagerly explored all the trucks at the fire museum.

Vacationing with our extended family was a nice change of pace and every night a different family was responsible for preparing dinner, so as the days' adventures were winding down, we gathered around the dinner table for some well earned sustenance. What a great way to end the day!

Then it was tucking in the babies, hopping online, night walks on the beach, and games!! We played a new one called Mad Gab that I would give two thumbs up. Ever played it? Give these a try (read the words out loud and try to figure out the phrases.*):

We thought it was hilariously fun!

We also managed to leave the kids one morning to sneak away to a little beach house restaurant for breakfast where I discovered the deliciousness that is cheese grits. And speaking of southern food, I had my first sweet tea, and a perfect plate of fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese and chow chow.

Long walks and runs on the beach were our only form of exercise and proved to be quite romantic. Andy and I don't often find ourselves with uninterrupted time for discussion not centered around our parental responsibilities, and it certainly was a luxury to share the surf while indulging in bigger picture conversation. Ocean walks at dusk were just what we needed.

We left Charleston wanting more, which is how it goes with vacation I suppose. But there was something special that we found down there. Beyond the culture, and history, location, and lordy, THE FOOD! We reconnected as a family, and in our own company we grew more confident (we are afraid to travel no more!!) and more appreciative of each other.

As we left the low-country behind we decided that any vacation in which you part wishing for even just a few more days to further soak it all in, but also fulfilled and gratified with just the contents crammed into your four door sedan, is a wild success.

*, for he's a jolly good fellow, do a google search


  1. your trip sounds awesome! so glad that you got to experience sweet tea and cheese grits:)

    I feel ya on the sleep. We got more sleep when Jackson was a newborn then we are this month!

  2. I feel ya on the sleep. We always tell our family what an awesome sleeper Gavin is, then we all go on vacation and they're like Suuuuureee he is! I guess it's all the excitement of a new place that keeps em up!
    Glad you had fun :)

  3. Bliss:) That is what I feel after reading this entry. You got to experience so many things that explain my love affair with Charleston. I hope you get to return for other such adventures!


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