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Friday, June 25, 2010

The two week wait

And so it begins!!

I ended up getting positive readings with the OPK on Tuesday & Wednesday, so at this point I think we've officially cleared O-day. Now we just wait.

I have a massage scheduled for Saturday (i'm finally cashing in my mother's day gift!), and the last of the Bradley babies celebrates his first birthday on Sunday so we'll have a fun-packed weekend to help keep my mind off of the waiting game. I'm armed and ready with lots of Early Response tests, which read as soon as 6 days before your period is due--that's June 30th for me. I love to take pregnancy tests, so you know I'll be testing early!

This is a picture of my first positive test with Roscoe, 10 dpo:
Basically, it was so so faint that I could barely make it out, and everyone else was quite skeptical. Anticlimactic! But a line is a line, and the next morning it was a tad darker. Here is a picture of the tests that followed....and there were actually MORE than this (many more, thanks to the dollar store), but these show the progression:

I still have all my tests. Maybe that's weird.

Did you keep your positive pregnancy tests?


  1. I still have "the one",it's in a drawer until I can figure out what exactly I'm keeping it for! I have the baby now, I should be able to let it go right? No.

    Good Luck! Sometimes I think I'm ready for number 2, but for now I'll just live vicariously through you :)


  2. I need to stop trying to look at the pictures before I read the post because it tricked me into thinking you were prego already!! Lol I'm exxxxccciiited!!!! Can't wait to hear about a new niece or nephew!! <3

  3. How exciting for you! I have a picture of the one and only positive test I ever had... You'd think out of all the negatives I had, I would have kept the first positive!

  4. I kinda of wish I had... I took 6 since I was sure it wasn't for reals. What an exciting time! I am so ready to go for another but the hubby wants us to wait another year=(

  5. J-
    You are possibly the cutest and funniest person I know!!! But remember, I must know as soon as possible if your efforts were successful!!

    love you

  6. I just happened to look at my tests tonight as I was clearing a few products out of our bathroom still gives me chills to see that first very faint line!! I'll never throw them out!

  7. Yay! It looks like i'm in good company then! :)


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