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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CSA #4

In this week's CSA bag I found:

I am so excited to have a huge bunch of fresh basil, and I've never eaten roma beans, or cooked whatever that little disc shaped summer squash is called!

Last Week's Recipes:
Turnips: oven braised turnips ( I cooked this out of Vegetable Love--it wasn't very good. I hope I get turnips another week so I can give them a second chance)
Chinese cabbage: asian salad
Snow Peas: pad thai with peanut vinaigrette
Cucumber: bagels with cream cheese, lox, and cucumber
Arugula/endive mix and red leaf lettuce: lots o' salads!
Squash: buttered squash

Last week I ate the summer squash and the cucumber as they were, but this week I hope to incorporate them into a dish of some kind. Maybe squash muffins and a cucumber soup??


  1. I'm loving your CSA posts & all the great recipes!!

  2. Love it! Looks like you're having a much better CSA experience than we had a couple years ago. I ran out of things to do with beets and radishes!

    Looks like a Patty Pan squash - yum!

  3. Yes! Patty Pan! Fun name--hope it tastes as good. So far, the CSA has offered a great variety. Of course there's some repetition, but I can't believe one farm produces such a wide range of produce. I'm loving it so far!


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