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Monday, May 31, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 21!

Can you believe we're into week 22 of McFatty Monday? I haven't blogged about my progress in the past two weeks but I haven't forgotten about McFatty Monday. I've been deliberately avoiding it.

The accountability of blogging the experience was so positive and very motivating at first. Over the past month or two, it has become a source of negativity as baby-making season approaches, and the last pounds of baby weight remain. It's fun to blog about progress and achievement. It's not so fun to blog about failure.

Lucky for me, movement on the scale is only one measure of my success. I've lost a total of 21.38 inches (5 since the last photos were taken), and here's a visual recap:

Week 1, Week 12, Week 20

Week 1, Week 12, Week 20

I know I've been more dedicated to my fitness goals than to a diet, and I'm pleased with where I'm at. I have more to say on the whole McFatty Monday experience, and I still have loads of video footage from two training sessions with Jennifer, which I will try to edit and post soon (fingers crossed for next Monday!).

June (just one day away) is our month to begin trying to conceive another baby! When I get pregnant, McFatty Monday's will morph into something more appropriate for pregnancy but until then, I will be working behind the scenes to drop these final pounds.

I hope to make this week one of my best yet!

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