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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another visit to the Pedi

Roscoe had his one year pediatrician visit on Monday. He weighs 21 pounds now and has come a long way on the growth charts. If you remember, there was a time a few months back when he was in the first percentile--he's now in the 30th! Of course, he's still in the 10th percentile for height, but we're all pleased with where he's at--and not surprised since he comes from a family of relative shorties.

He's still a frequent nurser, which I'm okay with for the most part. Though I would love it if he would sleep through the night, and cutting back on the night nursing would probably help. Incorporating whole milk into his daily menu would be a logical move but Roscoe won't drink it! He takes a sip and then fountains the milk straight back out of his mouth. It's cute, but it's not getting us anywhere. His doctor suggested chocolate milk, which at first I scoffed at but then considered, assuming that it would at least give us a non-boob starting point. But, in true form, he is completely disinterested in anything that will create independence from his Momma and his milk.

I'm also happy to announce that we have taken a first step toward weaning Roscoe from his other crutch: The Swing. Several months back, when he was clearly outgrowing his little lamb swing, we did what any desperate parents would do and bought another model with a higher weight limit. It's been a long time coming but Roscoe now sleeps in the swing with the power off. It's a sleeping basket! We gathered our courage to try it one night, and he did just fine. The pediatrician has been encouraging us to move Roscoe to his crib for many months, and he seemed even less impressed that Roscoe still sleeps in the swing at one year.

Roscoe got another round of vaccines and I spent most of the rest of the afternoon carrying him from place to place as he refused to be put down.

And finally, the biggest surprise of all: Roscoe has a double ear infection! It was a shock, but does explain some of the (more than usual) clingy, fussy, behavior of the preceding week. A round of antibiotics is in effect and, if sleep and smiles are any indication, he seems to be feeling much better.

It was quite an eventful visit, and I'm glad that we won't have another for three more months.

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