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Monday, April 26, 2010

McFatty Monday Week XVI: C+

Ohh, where to begin!

I started the week off strong with my new personal trainer, Amy. I may have mentioned it before, but I have two gym memberships. One at LA boxing, and another at a local Powerhouse. I joined Powerhouse when I was 7 months pregnant and then, when Roscoe was born, I left, never to return...until about a month ago in what was the very last week of my membership. I renewed because the gym is closer to my house, and is better equipped for weightlifting. And they have daycare, which gives me more options. I can never have enough options when it comes to exercise, especially now. Anything that makes it easier to work out is a plus.

Anyway, Amy's going to sculpt my body through weight lifting over the next 8 - 10 weeks. I met with her Monday and Wednesday and we worked my legs, chest, and back. Tuesday I took off, Thursday I kick-boxed, and Friday through Sunday we were out of town. I ate like I was on vacation, so I didn't really feel like weighing in this morning. I'm hoping that by the time next week rolls around my body will have readjusted after three days of feasting. In an attempt to try to make up for it I trained with Amy at 6:00 and then managed to also attend a 7:45 boxing class.

The rest of the week will consist of Tuesday night and Saturday morning with Jennifer (eek!), and Friday boxing.

No training program could possibly be complete without a "clean" and protein-packed diet (or so I've learned). In my experience, a body-building diet is a diet of the very worst kind: chicken breast, green beans, egg whites, protein shake, repeat. Just writing that rubs my palette the wrong way! This time, my trainer pointed me in the direction of Max Muscle and their "Nutritional Blueprint". I've never been a fan of Max Muscle--I don't mind a protein shake here and there, but I don't buy into the effectiveness or the necessity of non-FDA regulated supplementation.

Begrudgingly, I filled out my intake form over the weekend, and had my consultation this morning. I've been less than impressed with the diets that my former trainers have suggested so I wasn't feeling very optimistic, but after meeting with the sports nutritionist (which is a step in the right direction) I am oddly excited and actually looking forward to getting started. I've been following weight watchers for so many weeks now, and frankly, my dedication and enthusiasm is waning. I think it's time to switch things up a bit. Now I must wait for Friday, when I will receive my four week plan. I'll let you know how it goes.

I also realized we're in the 16th week of McFatty Monday which means I owe some measurements and a photo. I will work on that for next week, but I don't think much has changed since my last report.

This week's score: C
Strength Training: A
Cardio: C
Weight Watchers: C+

PS. Countdown to TTC #2: 6 weeks!

1 comment :

  1. 6 weeks!! eeeek!

    & girl, you are INSPIRING. I wish I had half the drive to work out that you do. You get an A on all of it, IMO.


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