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Monday, April 5, 2010

McFatty Monday Week XIII: D+

Last week was a good week. I made it a priority to create meals at lunch and dinner (instead of foraging for and assembling random plates). The extra effort paid off in that I felt a lot more satisfied after eating, and much more willing to forgo snacking in between knowing that I had something tasty and filling to look forward to at my next meal.

The past month was not a terrible success as far as weight loss goes. I started the month at 147lbs and ended at 146lbs. HMPH!! Still, I did lose 1/4 inch from my arms, 1 inch from my hips, and another 1/2 inch from my thighs. So, that's nice!

After following Weight Watchers to the letter last week, and only losing 1 pound, I'm convinced that the number of points that I've been allotted overcompensate for the amount of nursing that I do. I'm troubleshooting, and have cut my daily points by 3 to see if that makes a difference. I hope so!

I am also in the process of signing up for personal training which is going to ratchet my strength training (and my metabolism) into high gear. Unfortunately, while I have made it a habit to attend my boxing classes each week, I have slacked off in the strength training department--which is typically a highlight for me. I CAN'T STAND the thought of losing muscle, or of not lifting weights. I love it. But it seems that weight training is an afterthought at la boxing--and I've found it an unpleasant space to train in.

SO, as I have a handful of other times in my life when prepping for something exciting (like a wedding! or a baby!) I am pulling out the cash in order for someone else to push me in ways that I don't want to push myself. Personal training is where results are made. I'm lucky that I have a body that responds well to weight lifting--for me, it's one of the most rewarding forms of exercise.

What's your favorite form of activity?

I'm so glad it's a new week, I love a clean slate!

This Week's Score: D+
Cardio: A
Weight Watchers: A
Strength Training: F

1 comment :

  1. I love a clean slate, too!!!

    My favorite activity? Running. But only when I'm in shape with good tunes. I'm picky like that ;)


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