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Monday, March 29, 2010

McFatty Monday Week XII: C

My get fit routine was not exempt from the chaos of last week. I made it to the gym twice mid-week and had every intention of fitting in the other two sessions over the weekend, but under the circumstances I opted instead to enjoy the company of extended family.

Did I mention that friends and neighbors hand delivered an abundant spread of homemade comfort food? It's true. The good news is that I maintained my weight last week, which I'll take as a success!

I've been hovering at 147 for a month now--losing weight one week to gain it back the next. The crazy thing is that it's already April. and after April comes May! I have 4.5 pounds to lose in order to reach my before-baby weight, but I feel like I have a long way to go before I'm anywhere near my before-baby level of fitness. I'm worried that one or two months just isn't going to be enough time. And I really want to get pregnant. Like, now.

In general, I have been impressed with how quickly my body has rebounded from pregnancy. Rationally, I know it's only been 10 months. So I feel silly demanding 100% from a body that has already been through so much this year. Still, I feel uncomfortable taking on the challenge of carrying another baby knowing that I haven't given myself sufficient time to fully recover from carrying the first.

I also know that five pounds is a very reasonable weight loss goal, and who's to say what can (or cannot) be accomplished in 8 weeks?! I'm going to push aside all doubt and worry, and take the necessary steps to discover what is possible.

Any (and all) words of encouragement would be music to my ears!!!

Oh, and if you had two under two, how did you feel about getting pregnant again so soon?

This Week's Score: C
Cardio: C
Strength Training: C
Weight Watchers: C


  1. You are doing AWESOME.

    To be honest, a planned two under two isn't an option for us right now, so I haven't given it much thought. & although I'm under my pre-pregnancy weight now, I'm still not fit. I feel like my body still needs time to recover even though I'm almost 6 months post partum. I just don't feel like I've "healed" enough. But everyone is different! Good luck deciding!

  2. Having planned to have 2 under 2 is great. I was excited and shocked when I got pregnant again so quickly. I wanted to have my babies close in age. I didn't think we would conceive so quickly.


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