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Monday, March 8, 2010

McFatty Monday Week IX: D+

I really thought last week was a great week, until I stepped on the scale this morning.

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the Weight Watchers' point quiz calculator is flawed. (Do I sound desperate for an excuse?!) Among other items, it asks whether you are "breastfeeding only" (i.e. no solids or formula), or "breastfeeding but supplementing". I fall in the latter category since every day Roscoe eats his weight in blueberries, chicken, yogurt, oatmeal and his latest favorite: oranges. Exclusive breastfeeders get 10 extra points, and nonexclusive feeders get 5.

What has me stumped--and I guess it doesn't really matter because I think it swings in my favor--is how the quiz accounts for variation in supplementation. At this stage in the game a mom could nurse just once a day, or six times like me. But everyone gets 5 points!? Either I've been allotted too many points, or I've slacked off in the food tracking department because I gained weight!

So, in a funk I made chocolate chip cookie dough, which really hit the spot.

I know...this is my problem. And as much as I hate food bans, I'm just not doing well with moderation of late and so I'm back to banning sugar for the next week.

Best workout moment of week 9:
Riddick Bowe, former heavyweight champion, taught Monday's boxing class. I had my form in check all night, and he took note stopping by my bag to let me know that he thought I was "the coolest cat in the house"!

This Week's Score:
Cardio: B
Strength Training: D
Weight Watchers: D

How do you stave off discouragement when you've had a bad week?

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  1. I agree, bad weeks suck but if you look at the overall picture, the success you've had so far, it makes it a little easier to see the bad week as just a blip in what has, otherwise, been a great journey! Good luck!


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