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Friday, February 5, 2010

When will my cycle return?

I hope not to jinx the three of us by writing this post, but I do believe we've solved all but two of Roscoe's sleep challenges.

The two items still up for resolution include our reliance on the swing for sleep, and Roscoe's shifted circadian rhythm that compels him to fall asleep for the night at 4:00 pm and wake for the day at 4:00 am.

Otherwise, Roscoe takes roughly three 1-hour naps, falls asleep on cue, and most exciting he's sleeping through the night! And not in a "5-hours = sleeping through the night" sort of way reserved only for babies. He wakes once around 11:00 pm for a diaper change, and once around 1:00 am for a meal.

With an ecological nurser*, I've recently become anxious curious about when my cycles will return. Within the next 4 months would be ideal--a February or March baby would make me very happy! I've had no interest in manipulating Roscoe's nursing routine before he turns 1 year, but I do welcome this natural progression of cutting out the nighttime nursing sessions as it brings us one step closer to baby #2.

*nursing on cue, keeping baby close, providing all nourishment and liquids at the breast for the first five to eight months, and nursing to comfort the baby. It does not include the use of bottles or pacifiers, mother-baby separation, parent-imposed feeding schedules or restriction of night nursings.

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