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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby's First Valentine's Day party

This month's Bradley get together was all about hearts, and pink, and valentines in the form of babies who are looking more and more like little kids than infants.

Three feet of recently accumulated snow has left some neighborhoods impassable, so the party was moved to our place.

Doilies, tissue paper hearts, pink tinsel garlands, and a bouquet of helium balloons with a green gorilla: the decorations were perfect and over the top. We spoiled ourselves with afternoon brunch (fresh lemon mousse, chocolate covered strawberries, and pancetta strata) and a mini valentine exchange.

The mommas caught up on solids, sleep, and family life, while the babies showed off newfound mobility (in our otherwise non baby-proofed home). But in Roscoe's case, since he seems to have little intention of crawling or even scooting anytime soon, he demonstrated a knack for manually bringing his friends closer to him via hair pulling, shirt grabbing, and using an open mouth to explore their faces, hands, and shoes.

While the photo ops were abundant, capturing the kids in action proved to be a challenge:

In light of the recent weather, please excuse the snowmen

pants off!

1 comment :

  1. This looked like TONS of fun!! Jonathan's facial expressions with those eyes are adorable!! lol. Roscoe seems to be grabbing at everyone and everything too!! I love to see all the picutres!! <3


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