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Monday, January 11, 2010

McFatty Monday Week I: B+

Like a typical data junky, I'm curious about last weeks' numbers but I've decided to forgo the customary weekly weigh-in to focus instead on measuring progress in four-week intervals.

As much energy as the effort to revive this postpartum bod will require, and because I am acutely aware of the emotional investment wrapped up in The Weigh-In, the currency of physical change will be more meaningful to me than tracking the inevitable weekly weight fluctuations.

I decided to follow Weight Watchers Online (no time for in-person meetings!) and I use the daily plan manager to keep track of my points each day--one computer or another is always within arm's reach, so it's the most convenient way to do it. Each day I'm allowed 26 points, with an additional 35 points each week to "spend" however I like. And like someone unaccustomed to restraint, I started off the week by consuming all 35 of my extra points, plus some, which left me playing catch up for the rest of the week. I had to roll into the deficit all the activity points I earned as well, and I ended the week in the red, negative 7.5 points.

As an emotional eater, food has never ever been just about sustenance. As an inherently emotional first-time parent (not to mention sleep deprived!), I've found it even more challenging to regard food as purely nutritional. In order to stay awake and alert day after day following nights of unrest, food also serves as a welcome break from the monotony of the task at hand, or a pick-me-up to thwart the afternoon lull.

It's been a long time since I've restricted my caloric intake--15 months, actually. And as I often am, I have been surprised this go 'round with the modest amount of food required to achieve fullness and satisfaction. Choices people. It comes down to choices.

It also feels good to reconnect with a healthier approach to eating. Delayed gratification has its rewards, and finding balance between abstinence and free-for-all is something to strive for. Blame my personality type, but I do love to plan my meals in advance, track diligently, measure portion sizes, and tally my points.

As expected, I knocked out early in the week my three boxing classes and weight lifting sessions. Orchestrating a way to feed Roscoe during my workouts has been my greatest obstacle to adopting a more structured gym routine. After months of inferior pumping, then agony over my failure, and finally a few recent desperate attempts to find an alternate solution, I finally accepted my fate and hooked myself back up to that pump...lo and behold, milk! In the end, Roscoe slept through my absences never once needing to be fed. Ironic, but encouraging for the future.

Week 1 of McFatty Monday was a success, and knowing that our cyber support group exists to hold me accountable really made the difference this week. It can be overwhelming to attend to the big picture of lifestyle change and all the steps required to reach our long-term goals. So let's recommit to ourselves and to each other week by week, even day by day if needed, because persistence wins this game.

This week's score: B+
Cardio: A
Strength Training: A-
Weight Watchers: B-

If you get a chance, check out the Queen of McFatty Monday over at the Heir to Blair.

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