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Friday, January 29, 2010

Roscoe has a new ride

It's the Britax Advocate CS in Onyx. Even though we made great use of the versatility of our current infant seat because it was compatible with our stroller system, if we had known about the Advocate we could have gotten away with buying just one car seat, instead of two.

The Advocate's safety features are impressive, and it allows kids to ride rear facing until they weigh 35 pounds--which is important to me. We were a little surprised when we found out it cost 400 dollars, but can you put a price on safety? I don't think so.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spring will be here before we know it.

After a busy morning at Gymboree, a nap, and a yummy lunch of cumin chicken with potatoes and peas, the sun emerged from the clouds and we couldn't resist a stroll to the park.

McFatty Monday Week III: B

I did it again. I ate all the points I earned through exercise. But I boxed three days this week, lifted weights three times, and went for a 3 mile run too.

This past week I was really hungry for signs of progress, and since I can't rely on my scale (just yet!) for positive reinforcement, I've been taking inventory of how my clothes fit, and perhaps even more satisfying, how my strength and stamina have improved in ways that allow me to physically push myself harder and further than was remotely possible just a month ago. The change is noticeable, which feels great!

After months of steady exercise at mediocre intensity and persisting through activities that I did not love because I really wanted to do SOMETHING (anything!) to stay active, I'm really proud of myself for making time, planning ahead, and creating the environment I need in order to work out in the ways that are so important to me. The bottom line is that I want to feel challenged and inspired by my workouts--is that too much to ask?!

There are only seven days left before I officially weigh-in on the first four weeks of McFatty Monday. Despite noted progress that feels like stand alone success, I'm really, REALLY hoping to have lost some pounds! And if there's one emotion that I really hate, it is disappointment. So this week, I'm cutting all sweets out of my diet. Yes, I am! And I'm going to work out four times this week. And last, but almost most importantly, I am not going to eat those points that I earn through exercise! Nope. I will not.

Cheers to a great week of eating and exercising!

This week's score: B
Cardio: A
Strength Training: B-
Weight Watchers: B+

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Day Zero Project

You may have heard of the Day Zero Project. The challenge is to identify and commit to completing 101 goals in 1001 days.

Loving lists as I do, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a massive one to inspire my next 1001 days. Given the less than 3 year time frame, it was surprisingly difficult to come up with 101 items--it took me all week!

I hate to say that my list is sort of a "mom's list", but knowing I'll be pregnant or postpartum the better part of the next 3 years limits my aspirations for certain things like travel, and doesn't leave room for many other physical feats. Eh, so it is!

I'll be updating as I go....
  • Get a massage (1/10)
  • Take a “knife skills” course (1/11)
  • Read at least one book, book club style
  • Complete a sprint triathlon
  • Go to the shooting range
  • Throw an all-out dinner party
  • Read a series of books
  • Join a CSA (2/10)
  • Run a race--10k or better (11/10)
  • Read the manual that came with my DSLR (2/10)
  • Buy a keepsake baby book (1/10)
  • Go to the movie theater with Andy (2/10)
  • Listen to a book on tape (The Dance of Anger) (6/11)
  • Throw Roscoe a grand first year birthday party (5/10)
  • Work through a cookbook
  • Close my myspace account (1/10)
  • Perfect my boxing technique with personal training (4/10)
  • Lose my baby weight, again
  • Complete 36 push ups in one minute (6/10)
  • Volunteer for my neighborhood (5/11)
  • Attend a La Leche League meeting in Summer 2011 (7/11)
  • Attend a La Leche League meeting in Winter 2010 (12/10)
  • Attend a La Leche League meeting in Fall/Winter 2011 (2/11)
  • Attend a La Leche League meeting in Spring 2011 (5/11)
  • Shop at an Asian food market (8/12)
  • Find and attend a local API meeting (5/11)
  • Sew something (7/11)
  • Get pregnant (7/10)
  • Attend a sporting event as a family
  • Take Roscoe to the baby pool (6/10)
  • Go camping 
  • Take a road trip to NC to visit family
  • Take a tropical vacation (7/10)
  • Research California towns to move to, and determine the location of our next big move  (10/11)
  • Try out CrossFit (7/11)
  • Go to the dentist and get on a schedule! (6/10)
  • Read a book about photography (6/11)
  • Bake a souffle
  • Plan another home birth (10/10)
  • Get a spa service at the Mandarin Oriental DC (6/10)
  • Perfect Jacqueline’s Cupcake recipe, and give it a name
  • Get tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll (tried in 2010, and 2011 but didn't make the lottery!)
  • Bake a Jelly Roll Cakes (11/10)
  • Invite Mel back for Roscoe’s one year photo shoot (5/10)
  • Buy digital files from our photography sessions (1/11)
  • Go to tea in DC (1/11)
  • Decorate my office (3/12)
  • Use the weber grill to make s’mores (5/10)
  • Find a good resource on food photography
  • Get my ring polished
  • Find a “perfect” nursing bra (10/10)
  • Update my PJ collection and throw out the oldies (7/10)
  • Take Roscoe to see the monkeys at the zoo (8/10)
  • Buy a post-baby wardrobe or a maternity wardrobe whichever makes the most sense! (9/10)
  • Get a seat at a tasting table
  • Celebrate something special with a dinner at I Ricci (2/11)
  • Download an Add-in to Aperture and learn how to use them to edit my photos
  • Renew our vows
  • Bike the C&O canal
  • Join the Library’s reading club for babies, or other organized toddler group (1/12)
  • Nurse Roscoe until he’s at least one year old (5/10)
  • Spend an entire day with Roscoe and my mom (1/11)
  • Learn how to cook two traditional Filipino dishes (in progress, #1 Ginataang Mais, #2 Chicken Adobo)  (7/12)
  • Design another nursery or a playroom (11/10)
  • Commit to 7 days without consuming any “sweets” (1/10)
  • Take Chloe to an open space so she can run and play (4/11)
  • Identify a local (or not) park with a great playground (4/10)
  • Buy a jogging stroller, and take it for a spin (7/10)
  • Watch a boxing match on TV (1/10)
  • Host March’s Bradley Babies Party (3/10) 
  • Go to a music concert
  • Dress up as my brother for Halloween
  • Go to an indoor climbing gym
  • Travel to a state I’ve never been to before (7/10)
  • Eat at a celebrity’s restaurant (12/10)
  • Go to Vegas for the weekend
  • Introduce Roscoe (or Merritt) to Grampa Jack (11/12)
  • Get brave and act on one of my entrepreneurial concepts (11/10)
  • Visit one art gallery and one Richmond museum I've never before visited
  • Attend a show in the city (8/10)
  • Dress up for Halloween as a family (10/12)
  • Spend a total of 24 hours purposefully experimenting with my camera (in progress 2/24)
  • Grow cherry tomatoes in the backyard (4/11)
  • Create something with felt (1/12)
  • Order more fabric from purl soho (7/10)
  • Organize a neighborhood potluck
  • Go out to dinner with Andy (5/10)
  • Play a new game (7/10) MAD GAB
  • Go on a first date (since Roscoe was born) (2/10)
  • Perfect two marshmallow recipes: vanilla and cinnamon (11/10)
  • Shop at a new farmers market (11/12)
  • Find a quality second hand store for children’s clothing (11/11)
  • Transition Roscoe from The Swing to…somewhere else (8/10)
  • See a movie in 3D (2/10)
  • Find a second favorite alcoholic beverage to match my nuts and berries shooter (blueberry mojito) (4/12)
  • Take Roscoe to check out his first book from the library (5/10)
  • Grow out the last four inches of my hair and then cut. it. off. And promise myself never to dye or highlight my hair again! (1/11)
  • Reset my engagement ring
  • Write 5 important notes of thanks (1-NICU)
  • Attend an ethnic festival (6/12)
  • Replace all of our towels with fancy, fluffy, new ones
  • Consider my options for pursuing a PhD, or other avenues of continuing education (4/12)

Friday, January 22, 2010

RIP The Swing

Remember this?

Here I sit on the floor of Roscoe's room, in the dark of the blackout shade, MANUALLY pushing his swing. I'm going on a half hour now. I admit that we have not made it a priority to transition Roscoe out of The Swing, primarily because the thought of making sleep worse (even in the short term) is an awful one.

Now we will pay!

Roscoe weighs around 18 pounds and while the swing's weight limit is 25lbs, I believe the motor has made its last revolution. All good things must come to an end.

Mid afternoon nap I noticed the swing had slowed to a halt, despite the fact that we just replaced the batteries this morning. After a quick panic and phone call to Andy it is obvious we have only one option. The swing must be replaced!

After 45 minutes of swing pushing, Roscoe woke up and we hightailed it to babies r us where we perused a sorry selection of swings, called in a request for Andy to do a little review search online, and left with a weird patterned Graco Lovin' Hug PLUG-IN(!!!!!!) swing.

Andy came home early to assemble the the swing--reviews warned it was a bear! And Roscoe eased into his nap without a fuss.

I wish we would have made the switch a couple months back. The two key features that have me dancing with joy: it accommodates babies up to 30 pounds and it plugs in! Freedom from D cell batteries and their exorbitant weekly costs. And we will not miss the abrupt wakes in the middle of the night (or nap) because the batteries died without notice. No more ear-to-the-monitor anxiety just waiting for the telltale click, pause. click, pause. click, pause. of a dead swing. Finally, the white noise "button" that we've come to rely on (heavily) plays for 30 minutes instead of seven, which can't be beat.

It's also become apparent in the past week or two that the swing itself may be a contributing factor to poor sleep--it's a little small and probably a tad uncomfortable, it conks out on him during his best dreams, etc.

The new swings' capacity doesn't change the fact that we need to wean Roscoe from the swing, but it does buy us more time. Need proof that this swing is awesome? Roscoe's been sleeping soundly for over 5.5 hours! I'm a happy momma when my baby is rested.

Monday, January 18, 2010

McFatty Monday Week II: B

I'm sporting a pair of bruised knuckles, raw from making contact with the bag that hangs in the far left corner of the boxing gym--my new home away from home. I'm back in a routine but craving my former 6 day a week gyming and cleaner eating. As you might expect, Roscoe has the final word and, on particularly challenging days that leave me worn out from working and mothering, to default is the easiest option.

Consequently, I pushed my workouts to the end of the week and had to perform three consecutive days of boxing followed by weights, which made me feel awesome Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but like a slug Friday through Monday.* I really prefer to spread my workouts throughout the week because I find it's easier to stay focused on my food related goals.

Speaking of food, I consumed all the points I earned through exercise and ended the week in the red. AGAIN. Argh. With Andy as my accomplice, I admit to snacking late one night on two bags of chocolate bag semisweet the other white, eaten in a ratio 1:2. Yum, but totally not worth it.

This week's pressing issue:
I'm having MAJOR baby fever. This is hard to believe, even for me, considering the challenges that we seem to face on a daily basis. But it's there. And the more I work out the more I feel like myself. And the more I feel like me, the more I want to get pregnant again. My friends' baby bellies and newborns are all around me and knowing that I will soon be taking on the physical challenges of carrying another bambino serves as a great motivator.

At the same time, I understand the work required to reclaim physical fitness and it does feel like early defeat to know that in less than 6 months I will be back on the baby train pursuing a state that guarantees weight gain and a whacked out postpartum body. Then I do the math, and multiply this experience by three. How do women do this!?

Goals for the upcoming week: refrain from eating earned exercise points, complete one additional cardio sesision.

This week's score: B
Cardio: A
Strength Training: A-
Weight Watchers: C

The Heir to Blair lost another 3 pounds this week....that Blair. I'm so looking forward to week four so I can weigh myself--hope I don't cheat and peek earlier!

*Your McFatty Monday is my McFatty Friday. My weeks go from Friday to Friday.

First some humor

A magnet I've had on my fridge for a couple years:

Pretty much sums it up, right?!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The sun will come out

Before my baby arrived, I imagined that motherhood would shine brightly on me as I toted my little darling to the farmer's market to pick fresh produce for lazy dinners, or strolled through Georgetown pushing the pram with pit stops at Anthropologie to gather replacement candles, and Dean & Deluca for more vanilla and rugelach. In short, Roscoe and I would be inseparable yet glamorous as we carried on pre-baby business in sweet mother-child fashion.

I held strongly to this image for many months after he was born despite the fact that each failed attempt to complete even the most unglamorous errand suggested that my fantasies would remain just fantasies as Andy and I had created a baby not built for such things. Then I conceded, accepting my fate as a new mom caught in her own trap, and resigned myself to days spent nursing in bed, or padding around in pjs, hair unwashed.

So it is with a sunshine lit face that I tell you that Roscoe and I shared yesterday morning, for the first time, one of those blissful momma-baby adventures that I had originally dreamt of.

Roscoe woke from his second nap at 7:00 am. He babbled and sang, while I threw on some winter accouterments. Bundled up, we left Poppa still in bed and drove 30 minutes to Whole Foods--a place that I love and one in which I haven't set foot in over 8 months! Surrounded by a new cart cover, Roscoe sat perched "like a cherub in a cloud" as one passerby commented, gnawing intently on the strap while I debated organic beef or buffalo for another batch of baby food. He flashed smiles and cooed at every stranger who looked his way, and together we picked out our weekly bounty. We perused the aisles conversing about jars of golden honey, whole fish on ice, and warm blueberry muffins. Mid-shop we took a break to savor an early morning breakfast from the hot bar, and dined together blending into a crowd of chipper patrons.

It was immensely satisfying to share time and space with my son, out together, exploring our suburban world. It didn't hurt that I was showered and dressed all before 8:00 am, either. Perhaps we have rounded yet another corner as we inch closer and closer to synchronicity. Either way, I'll take any and all of these moments in between.

Friday, January 15, 2010

This little piggy...

Roscoe had an official weigh-in today: 17lbs. 11oz.

Our "little" guy gained almost 4 pounds since his last appointment on December 9th, and now he rocks the 20th percentile! He's still in the 3rd percentile for height so he technically qualifies for overweight. No worries though, the Pediatrician believes Roscoe will slim down again once he starts to move (i.e., crawl), and as long as we continue to let him be the boss of how much food he eats.

Operation "solids & sleep" has paid off in more than one way, and the doctor even used the coveted term thriving to describe Roscoe's current state. The affirmation that all is going well in the world of Roscoe pretty much made my day.

On an unhappier note Roscoe received five shots, two of which were the second doses of H1N1 and Influenza. Roscoe seemed to recover more quickly from the shock of this round of vaccines. Aided by a quickie nursing session he was smiling and laughing within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the appointment and wait time took almost three hours so Andy and I didn't have time afterward to treat ourselves to gelato like we had hoped to. Instead, Andy went back to work and Roscoe and I made our way home for a nap.

Here's a photo from earlier today:

Cool Guy

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

A fellow McFatty Monday'er inspired me today with this quote:

"We have time for whatever we choose to do, so let's own our choices!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

McFatty Monday Week I: B+

Like a typical data junky, I'm curious about last weeks' numbers but I've decided to forgo the customary weekly weigh-in to focus instead on measuring progress in four-week intervals.

As much energy as the effort to revive this postpartum bod will require, and because I am acutely aware of the emotional investment wrapped up in The Weigh-In, the currency of physical change will be more meaningful to me than tracking the inevitable weekly weight fluctuations.

I decided to follow Weight Watchers Online (no time for in-person meetings!) and I use the daily plan manager to keep track of my points each day--one computer or another is always within arm's reach, so it's the most convenient way to do it. Each day I'm allowed 26 points, with an additional 35 points each week to "spend" however I like. And like someone unaccustomed to restraint, I started off the week by consuming all 35 of my extra points, plus some, which left me playing catch up for the rest of the week. I had to roll into the deficit all the activity points I earned as well, and I ended the week in the red, negative 7.5 points.

As an emotional eater, food has never ever been just about sustenance. As an inherently emotional first-time parent (not to mention sleep deprived!), I've found it even more challenging to regard food as purely nutritional. In order to stay awake and alert day after day following nights of unrest, food also serves as a welcome break from the monotony of the task at hand, or a pick-me-up to thwart the afternoon lull.

It's been a long time since I've restricted my caloric intake--15 months, actually. And as I often am, I have been surprised this go 'round with the modest amount of food required to achieve fullness and satisfaction. Choices people. It comes down to choices.

It also feels good to reconnect with a healthier approach to eating. Delayed gratification has its rewards, and finding balance between abstinence and free-for-all is something to strive for. Blame my personality type, but I do love to plan my meals in advance, track diligently, measure portion sizes, and tally my points.

As expected, I knocked out early in the week my three boxing classes and weight lifting sessions. Orchestrating a way to feed Roscoe during my workouts has been my greatest obstacle to adopting a more structured gym routine. After months of inferior pumping, then agony over my failure, and finally a few recent desperate attempts to find an alternate solution, I finally accepted my fate and hooked myself back up to that pump...lo and behold, milk! In the end, Roscoe slept through my absences never once needing to be fed. Ironic, but encouraging for the future.

Week 1 of McFatty Monday was a success, and knowing that our cyber support group exists to hold me accountable really made the difference this week. It can be overwhelming to attend to the big picture of lifestyle change and all the steps required to reach our long-term goals. So let's recommit to ourselves and to each other week by week, even day by day if needed, because persistence wins this game.

This week's score: B+
Cardio: A
Strength Training: A-
Weight Watchers: B-

If you get a chance, check out the Queen of McFatty Monday over at the Heir to Blair.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fluffy bottoms

My mom sewed a new pair of pants for Roscoe! So warm and cozy, they are made from scraps leftover from his baby quilt.

Powder blue chenille exterior, flannel monkey interior and a cuff to allow for growth. They are perfect for the winter. Would a pair of pants sewn by Grandma, just for you, be complete without a personalized tag? I don't think so!

This photo shows 1) Roscoe modeling his new fluffy pants, 2) the three pounds he's gained in the past 4 weeks:

Grow Baby, Grow!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Singing a Happy Tune

Tuesday through Friday I was a single Momma while Andy was a hard working Poppa on business in Maryland.

I reconfigured my work week to include Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so that I could rely on Nanny M for some extra hands during the day. Wednesday and Thursday were seamless besides Roscoe's recent tendency to wake for the day at 4 am. Thursday night we were hit with yet another snowstorm, so when Nanny M phoned Friday morning from the bank of snow in which she was stranded, I decided to cut my losses and embrace the snow day. I still managed to log a full days work during Roscoe's naps and after he went to sleep for the night (at 2:30 pm!--I'll save this unfortunate part of his sleep routine for another post).

Being The Momma while Andy was away was pretty relaxing for the most part. Roscoe slept well--impressing me with consistent sleep intervals of 4-6 hours, so I enjoyed the luxury of having big chunks of time on which very few demands were placed. The evenings were mine! I worked out in the garage, got hooked on trashy MTV's Real World DC, finished reading one of several books that I've been chronically "in the middle of", baked some of my favorite chocolate cookies, and overall found great satisfaction in holding down the fort in Andy's absence. I even did some cleaning, which is pretty much unheard of these days. Or ever, if you know me in real life.

In other Roscoe news, two white-caps were brought to my attention 4 days ago during a nursing session--sure enough bottom teeth 1 and 2 are working their way out. He has also transitioned from the Bumbo to his highchair, drinks on his own from his sippy cup, and uses his hands to pick up food and feed himself. See what you miss in just a few days?

Andy returned home last night and we're all looking forward to a weekend together.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I finally found a great way to transport Roscoe's homemade baby food to and fro. I first discovered Innobaby's Packin' Smart dispensers years ago in one of my favorite Richmond maternity stores. At the time I thought the concept was a cool one and noted the brand for future use. The Innobaby line has since expanded to include a product called Packin' Smart Stack-N-Seal, which is designed to store items both dry and wet. They come in stacks of two or four and have the capacity to hold a volume of a half cup in each container--perfect portions for Roscoe's banana and mango fruit puree, cheerios, or even water.
I love their versatility. Each container can be used individually, or when more storage is needed, the containers interlock and stack into a neat tier. The lid on each container creates a natural dispenser great for sprinkling dry snacks out onto a surface, or pouring into another dish. Each lid can also be twisted off entirely and then you have a nice open-mouthed container from which to spoon out the contents. Oh! And they're dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, as well as BPA, and Phthalate free.

I just fill 'em up and toss them into the diaper bag, and we're all set. No leaks so far, and they make for convenient portability of healthy food when we're out and about.

Keep'n Fresh Baby Storage is also made by Innobaby. The glass containers hold a half cup serving. These too are microwave, oven, and freezer safe. They are adorable in person--way cuter than I ever thought baby food storage could be--and they have lids that snap on to create an airtight seal to keep food protected. Leftover bananas, avocados, and apples always turn brown if I just cover them with saran wrap and store in the fridge. Not the case with these! Additional sizes offer smaller portion sizes for babies new to the foodie world, though they are not available in glass.
Both products have a long list of nice features. But what I love best is that they are functional, and make it simple and easy for me to feed Roscoe the way that I want to, even when we're not at home.

McFatty Monday

Sometimes, I think it's fair to say that my body image is that of my former self in 4th grade. As a kid I was a happy little chubster, unbeknownst to me until a friend's dad pointed it out. I did grow out of it I suppose, as I grew taller, but I've always struggled with my weight. No matter how much I actually weighed. Whether at 119 (Sophomore year of college) or 184 (right before Roscoe was born). The bottom line is that I am not one of those girls that can eat whatever, and do pilates to stay in shape. And I'm no novice when it comes to weight loss.

I've always been athletic--hungry for competition and built for physical endurance. I've rowed varsity crew, run marathons, played defense on the soccer field, stole bases in the ballpark, and refined my roundhouse with cardio kickboxing. I've trained with personal trainers many times over the years, for big events like my wedding, to rehab after Grave's Disease took its toll, and just for the fun of it. Physical fitness has over the years become much more than a hobby. It is a passion that in part defines who I am. So it is an understatement to say that I feel as if part of me has been missing since Roscoe was born. Despite what the scale says.

This is one of the larger reasons why life-after-baby has been such a challenge for me. My body is not what it used to be, both in function and form. My time is no longer mine--oh how I miss the days when the only thing standing between me and my workout was motivation. I miss logging hours at the gym. and I miss the satisfaction that comes from challenging my body to create visible change.

Results. That's what I strive for. I like to feel strong. I like to show off at the gym. I love to sweat, I love the burn, and....oh yeah, I REALLY love to eat. Generally speaking my downfall has been the way in which I consume calories in all their glorious forms. I could workout for hours and then compensate with the Crouching Tiger Roll at Sumo San or a sundae at Bev's. But that's where Weight Watchers has always saved the day. If ever I want to lose weight, I choose WW. It's easy, it's versatile, and it works.

With a new baby, meal planning and eating anything that is not made of convenience has hit a new low. And negotiating ways to feed Roscoe while away (i.e., paying the [breast]pump) has proven to be quite the challenge. However, now that we're getting a better handle on his night wakes I have been able to successfully pump each night--2-3 ounces total, but hey, it's a meal. And as I've already blogged, last month I signed up for a membership at LA boxing, so my goal is to attend three classes a week, and work in three sessions of weight training (in the garage).

So the one other thing that happened on New Year's Eve that I didn't mention in my previous post, occurred between eating dinner and falling asleep. As a first step toward reclaiming our before baby bodies, Andy and I bounded upstairs for a Get'n in Shape "before" photo shoot. Clothed and Unclothed. So we could be real about where we are. If I'm ever feeling brave I might post the clothed photos sometime, but only if I can follow them with after-shots to blow your socks off. We shall see! And we measured the circumference of every trouble spot we could find.

Then we worked out in the garage for some baseline performance measurements that were truly pathetic. Truly.

In preparation for this whole January 1 Resolution stuff, I made sure to eat my weight in cookies, chocolate, and eggnog over the holiday, and I do believe that I succeeded in fattening myself up by a few pounds. So my starting weight is 153.5. 11 pounds from my pre-baby weight, and 18.5 pounds from my goal weight. Why I always pick 135 as my goal weight, I don't know. Remember how I said I was a chunk as a kid? Well, that's what I weighed in 6th grade, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. Anyway, it seems to be the weight that I naturally gravitate toward, and I found through experience that anything less is far too much work to maintain.

So, It's time to get serious and with the launch of McFatty Monday's hosted by Blair, I have the perfect venue to share with you yet another episode of my adventures in weight loss.

I'M GAME. Want to join us?
See you next week!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009: The Year of the Buddy System

We rang in the New Year in true new-parent style with microwaved take-and-bake dinners enjoyed by candlelight followed by falling asleep well before the ball began to drop in Time's Square. I think we whispered Happy New Year to each other at some point in the night as I crawled back under the covers after diapering and nursing Roscoe back to sleep. But that is how it goes these days.

As so many people told us it would, becoming a parent changes everything. For better and for worse. 2009 was indeed life changing, and one of the very best years that we've had so far. Obvious highlights include my pregnancy and Roscoe's birth. Even the aftermath is worthy.

The way in which the past 7 months have whizzed by is both alarming and a relief. It's scary to think of the pace at which the clock will turn from here on out. Before we know it we'll have lots of little Roscoes underfoot and this very special time will feel like forever ago. Coincidentally, as Tina Fey so appropriately expressed, "It is the year after the baby comes that is like someone hitting you every day in the face with a hammer." As a consequence of this truth, I'm relieved we are well past the halfway mark!

In the end, I proclaim 2009 the year of the Buddy System*. There have been countless days at the end of which the only thing keeping me sane and showered was Andy. Andy's pep talks have become world famous--at least in my world. In addition to all the baby related stuff of 2009, a meaningful highlight to note was the almost daily confirmation that I picked the right man for me, and the right dad for my kid.

It's not every day that you fall in love with your future baby daddy as young as I did, but I'm proud that I had good sense, even then, to pick a guy like Andy to hang out with. And now that we're here I can't imagine what the experience of raising kids might be like without someone like him at my side. So for all the little sisters out there: take care to marry a man who will partner with you to raise your babes, and who will love them with as much dedication and heart as he loves you. Believe me. You will need it, and it will mean everything.

Cheers to another crazy year ahead in 2010!

*According to Wikipedia: The buddy system is a procedure in which two people, the buddies, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. In adventurous or dangerous activities, where the buddies are often equals, the main benefit of the system is improved safety: each may be able to prevent the other from becoming a casualty or rescue the other in a crisis.
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