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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finders Keepers

For several weeks we had a trip to North Carolina planned for this weekend. We intended to visit Andy's sister and her family, and to meet our newest nephew, Noah. In the trenches of sleep deprivation and ever committed to seeing Roscoe through his sleep challenges, we canceled the trip at the last minute. In the end, a snow storm dumped 2 feet of snow that would have ultimately prevented us from making the drive, which did make me feel better since I was so looking forward to new baby snuggles.

In preparation for our weekend getaway I considered how best to feed Roscoe while away. The food that I've made for him is frozen and perishable, and we don't yet have any containers suitable for packing his meals. While grocery shopping this week I perused the baby food aisle and found these cool bpa-free pouches of certified organic baby food made by Sprout.

There are almost 20 different varieties, with combinations like baked sweet potatoes and white bean, roasted apples and blueberries, and roasted bananas and mango. Each 3.5 oz. pouch is resealable, and you can spoon feed right from the pouch--no heating necessary. I bought several for the road, and also packed an avocado and a banana--both of which can be eaten raw.

Snowed in yesterday, and with a batch of baby food in production, I decided to give Sprout a whirl.

Roscoe devoured the pasta with lentil bolognese. I couldn't spoon it in fast enough. In fact, after that, he ate the entire 3.5 oz pouch of roasted butternut squash--a vegetable I haven't yet been able to find organic at my local grocer. I had to grab my own spoon to try out both flavors for myself--Roscoe and I agree that they are delicious.

These are an awesome alternative to homemade--and they don't include any ingredients that I wouldn't add to his food myself. The flavor combos are appealing, and the format is so convenient and portable. At 99 cents a pouch, I'll definitely be stocking up for future day trips, outings, and road adventures.

1 comment :

  1. Oh wow, I will have to get some of these for the new baby. Great find and glad to hear that Roscoe enjoyed them.


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