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Friday, June 19, 2009

Roscoe is one month old!

A lot has changed for us in the past 31 days! Not only did we welcome into our lives a sweet and handsome little boy, but he grew by an inch and now weighs 7 lbs 5 oz.

These days, our "routine" is loosely based on sleep/wake cycles of 1.5 to 3 hours during the day, and 2 to 4 hours at night--if we're lucky, we have to wake up only once. Roscoe likes to eat immediately (and I stress IMMEDIATELY) after he wakes, and then nurses for at least 30 to 60 minutes. During the day, after he's nice and full, he stays alert for 20 to 40 minutes before heading back to dreamland.

Roscoe's personality is beginning to emerge; we may have a type A on our hands--is the house big enough for two?! He's becoming more interactive, and his interest in all the baby gadgets and gizmos that we've accumulated is growing. He's also a super cuddly little dude, which I love. Things are starting to get fun! And we're anticipating a toothless, dimply, smile soon!

Andy has been back at work full time for almost a week now, and we miss him a lot! But we had a nice transition since he stayed home for one week and worked part time for an additional two.

Roscoe and I usually get our day started around 11:00. Roscoe loves the sling, and takes a nice long nap in it during our daily walk. We also try to enjoy at least one planned outing each day. In my "free time" I've resumed my cooking hobby, and have been experimenting with ice cream recipes and other not so healthy treats.

So far, Roscoe has blue eyes, and both Andy's hair color and skin tone. Who would have guessed!?

Happy first month Baby Roscoe! Momma and Poppa can't imagine a life without YOU!

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  1. WOW!! LOOK at his EYES!! LOL HE has changed SOOOO much since I saw him last! I can't wait to see him this weekend!! Maybe today but most likely on SUNDAY!! Dang I've missed so much already!! lol :o)


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